[Nov 2, 2018] 5k+ & 8k


Could you comment on :

  • Fine black dots pattern on the 5K+ do you see them?
  • Distortion at the edge Large/Normal/Small ?


According to general consensus, the 8k has to render at pitool 1.5 to be as clear as 5k plus at 1.0.
Could you confirm that?
People with gtx 1080 ti switch to 5k plus partially because of its lower SS requirements.


My guess they choosed this screens becous of market price for mass production.
the question is : do they show us other panels ( RGB maybe ?) during v2 v3 roadshow demos ?

Also I will be not supriced if they prepare kind of 8k + with better screens after delivering all hmd to backers.


For the simple truth that there are no better 4k screens right now. 2019 is the year that several companies will release more 4k panels.


The Black dots; I myself don’t notice them as Sweviver mentioned in the 5k+.

Warping is minimal in Small. In Normal notice a slight Warping effect on the outer edge. Also notice a slight warping on the bottom when moving up & down. But more when stretching your eyes to to far right, left & down.

Normal play not too likely to be too much of a bother.

Large FoV haven’t used much due to resource savings & Normal quite big already.


Maybe for Text. But generally been using Pitool at x1.0 on both & make adjustments to Steam ss or in game.

But some adjustments do yield somw visual improvements


Earliest Tested Video appears to confirm it’s been the same style of panel since the v2.


Then it is quite possible to expect an updated 8K in 2019 with new true 4K displays.
In this case, I can choose 5K + now. And in 2019, then I will be able to get rid of 5K + and buy 8K if new displays are added to it. :slight_smile:

But I can consider another option. Take 8K now, and then Pimax will replace the screens in it, or somehow do it yourself (well, theoretically it is possible) Just, if suddenly there will be an updated 8K + with a real 4K RGB display, then the standard 8K will be difficult to sell :money_mouth:

Again, the choice … Although now I like the first option better, because it is simpler, because in 5K + there are real 2560x1440 RGB displays inside, without any deception.

In general, we’ll see.

As far as I understand, 8K has large pixel gaps, thanks to pentail. Accordingly, such a low advantage over 5K +.
And in 5K +, the pixels are larger in size, but located much closer to each other, the gaps are smaller.

I rummaged through the SweViver archive and made a couple more comparisons.

**5K + left, 8K right**

So, when I looked at an enlarged view stretched over the entire 34 "monitor, then 8K seemed worse. And when the photo is smaller, then 8K is really less than SDE noticeably, smoother pictures. It’s magic. :grinning:

Now I understand why it is not necessary to increase image the comparison in order to understand the real quality.

In general, if I knew for sure that the Pimax would never upgrade 8K to other RGB displays, then I would choose 8К.
If they can do it, then I will choose 5K +

For now, something like that…


No deception as folks thinks. There is a recent repost if the Tested review from the beginning of the kickstater where it was confirmed the panels used are the same series as now.


At least it looks like PenTile.
. This can be seen in the photo. Diagonal SDE pattern with gaps. In the LCD RGB display this should not be.


Which is exactly what Tested said.


Does the Pimax 4K have the same pixel as 8K?


No the pimax 4k uses Rainbow Rgb


It was necessary to make screens from Pimax 4K for 8K … it would be great :+1: (But we need to overclock them to 80Hz at least)
And now, it turns out, we are looking at both versions with a magnifying glass, and we cannot fully understand the difference so far. Well, after all, strange 4K displays in 8K, in my opinion … some unusual ones.
8K should be far ahead from 5K +, but this is not happening because of these displays…


2 issues. One the Diagonal pattern opposed to Rainbow RGB (possibly just not doable at this time). Maybe?

The 5k+ due to RGB & smaller panel gives it a boost. Had it just been the original 5k it wouldn’t have the extra benefit of more native res being used in view ports.

But contrary to belief the panels in the 8k are the same type as with the beginning of tge kickstarter.

It was tge Engadget article that suggested otherwise by stating an unconfirmed/unnamed pimax source as stating full rgb.

The 8k still has considerably less SDE than the 5k+ just at these Resolutions is not as noticeable as one might think.


Yes, now, apparently, there are no other 4K RGB panels suitable. But if new 4K RGB panels appear in 2019, then Pimax will not upgrade to 8K + with new beautiful panels?

Therefore, I will be afraid to choose 8K, due to the fact that 8K + may appear.
But if they propose to replace 8K for 8K + (even with a surcharge), then I would choose 8K now.

Yes, I understand that if 5K + did not appear, then 8K should quickly win over the original 5K.
It is, of course, good that Pimax made 5K + and offered it to everyone without exception :slight_smile: But thus, 8K became a bit less profitable on the background of 5K +.

But if SDE is really significantly less than 5K +, then I would like 8K, of course.
But if 8K + suddenly comes out, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Hopefully Pimax will find compromises for backers here.


I have seen that one a couple times before, but this is the first time I notice that the 8k Sewviver looks more uniform, the 5k has like an interleaving effect in the blue and green on the sides which makes the picture uncalm.
It’s gone be a hard one the 8 or 5 choice and the more I see the less I know… can we opt in for both :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


8K SweViver and 5K + I found in the archive at SweViver, he has several options there. There you can compare for a long time, there are a lot of them…:+1:

I myself did not expect the choice to be so painful …
Constantly I compare photos from reviews. And I constantly find myself not understanding what to choose, although there have already been so many reviews and opinions.
I’m already just tired of comparing, I need to stop somewhere :grin:


Same for me - got the 8k backed and I am Oszillating - I thing only having both would solve that uncertainty ;-).


I worked here a bit in the editor with these pictures:


And I got equality in the number of pixels 5K + and 8K What can you say about this, Is this true or not?