[Nov 2, 2018] 5k+ & 8k


I can’t say as I don’t count pixels. But I can say both your pics say 5k+. :beers::blush::+1::sparkles:


That is, it turns out that the number of pixels is about the same on both headsets.
Then why do I need 8K? :rolling_eyes:

Apparently, with 8K we will get a free smaller SDE due to a diagonal pattern that gives blur to the pattern.
But not a higher screen resolution…


Keep in mind the zoomed pictures were not taken with proper equipment. I can say imo that counting pixels in this manner will not be accurate as the pixels are smaller on rhe 8k approx 1/2 the size.

The screen on the 8k is indeed a higher resolution. Or it’s SDE would be as prominent on both headsets.


Probably we need to clarify the scale of both pictures in @SweViver .


Well keep in mind the capture sensor has it’s own grid as well to account for.


@Heliosurge ,
Can you tell us where there is more SDE in Virtual Desktop by 8K compared to 5K +?

It stops me from choosing 8K this moment, because a couple of 8K owners were talking about annoying SDE on the Virtual Desktop.

Is it possible that 8K has more SDE on the desktop than 5K +? :rolling_eyes:


I Don’t have VD. @yanfeng though could likely answer or @SweViver.

For VD your likely better on the 5k+ due to pixel arrangement creates sharper crispy fonts.

Though VD & similar programs might be better in Small FoV.


It is a pity, a good program, very comfortable, in vain do not use.
I hope someone will answer this question. Because this is the last obstacle on my way to 8K.

Unfortunately, 8K users who talked about annoying SDE will not be able to answer this question because they do not have 5+ …:rolling_eyes:


Lol. There are other programs like big screen. But i do know both yanfeng & SweViver can likely answer.


I have some comparison pics of 8K and 5K+ on Virtual Desktop: 5K+ or 8K? My test of M2 through pictures of Aerofly FS2, Project Cars, and Virtual Desktop (Update with pics of extreme setting on floor 28)

Puti it simply: For VD, 5K+ is definitely the way to go.


Yes, thank you. Great photo! :+1:
Where there are texts on the desktop, absolutely no SDE is visible on 8K. But at 5K + you can see a bit …
I wonder where the 8K owners saw the SDE on the virtual desktop …

Tell me, do you think that on a virtual desktop, 8K will also win against 5K + in terms of the SDE effect?

I know about the fonts that they look a bit softer there. But I want to clarify about SDE in such applications on 8K vs 5K+


Well, BigScreen is a free, worthy alternative, also handy, I fully agree.
In this case, what does SDE look like in BigScreen in 8K vs 5K +, is it more noticeable? :thinking:

I probably already tortured you :grin: but it is really important for me to know the comparison of SDE in similar applications 8K vs 5K + …
After @Chucksta and @Ludx talked about irritation from SDE, I can’t sleep after that, because I want to choose 8K, but with horror I think about irritation from SDE in these applications. I would not have thought more about this if I received confirmation that SDE 8K is better in all applications. And that SDE in 5K + means annoying even more.
(But we can exclude fonts from comparison just in case.)


Yeah…SDE, was a concern but it no longer actually ^^ it really dont have much
Its more about clarity, resolution, actually I think its decent but if it can be almost the same in any way but lighter for GPU it can only be better.
But if the image is smoother it might be less pixelized? So for gaming 8K is better…?..could…:confused:
Wish I could compare…


@evertec also has both. But when I get a chance will give it a look see.

Truth there are a few free alternatives to VD.


We’ll that’s an odd truth since every desktop cloning tool focuses somewhat on a different set of features. If it is just about the idea of cloning the desktop, yeah it is the truth but it doesn’t mean they are interchangable. Apart of the fact that E.g. bigscreen is free and great for those that are into social networking VD delivers a much crisper/sharper image and more handy video options well worth the price in my opinion. As for other free cloners they always lack something. So I prefer a aio for a little buck instead of switching between between 5 free Apps. Oops all linux guys will hate me by now​:joy::joy:


Nah i have my linux favorites don’t need to switch. Lol

Vspatial looks interesting.


I measured the dimensions of the instrument panels directly on the photo, and lo and behold, they are almost the same. That is, you managed to make almost the same scale, which will speak about the accuracy of the comparison.

I carefully studied your photos and chose FS2 (pic 1 and pic 2 )
And made such a comparison in the part of the picture where there is more camera focus, and SDE is visible.
Can we really expect such a visual effect between 5K + and 8K? Or is this a deceptive comparison I did? :roll_eyes:

large scale (SDE is visible here in opposite places.)


The Similar places where the camera focuses the most

SDE is a canvas! :smiley:

Slightly enlarged canvas


As we can see, on 5K +, SDE really looks like a grid and is a grid, that is, a cluster of verticals and horizontals.

And at 8K you can see that this is a cellular cluster of smaller cells. And there are no horizontals and verticals! This is the same hive of bees who love honey, but the bees are smaller in size, a different construction of rows.

By the way, now I can really say that SDE is more like a canvas than a grid (about 8K it can be said exactly):slight_smile:
If this is all true, then now I understand the difference between 8K and 5K + in SDE! :ok_hand:

And yes, there is at least 8K SDE smaller in size, but it cannot be said that it is much less noticeable. Basically, I think this diagonal pattern gives the effect of visibility, although it is smaller.

Now I’ll almost certainly choose 8K for happy use :slight_smile:

Another shots:





Thank you for your processing. The SDE of 8K does look more subtle, but the perceived resolution of 8K is less than 5K+, which can be both verified by the comparison pics, and subjective viewing.


I thought that with a higher PiTool 8K it becomes as clear as 5K + …
Good. That is, I need to be ready, for a lower resolution at 8K compared to 5K + ?
But why is this happening, if on 8K a higher resolution of the screens

These comparisons tell me that 8K has a smaller pixel size and less noticeable SDE, whereas in 5K + SDE it is in the form of a grid (vertical and horizontal lines can be traced)
And I feel that I will now have to choose 8K in the end.:slightly_smiling_face:

But now I am again in doubt, because you are sure of a higher perceived resolution at 5K + … Still, my choice should be based on a higher resolution in the first place, this is more important. :roll_eyes:

Thank you for your knowledge.


Just the same to me…even now, owning a 8k I wonder.
Does the 5k+ have similar image but with less GPU needed? since I have very decent quality but only with pitool 1.25 or 1.5.
SteamSS (to me) change only displayed resolution but not much details, when Pitool can blurr or make shine everything, so Pitool 1.25 at least.
But its a GPU eater.

Iam in talk with Pimax to go 5k+ but it would cost me and…would it worth it? Still not sure…:frowning:
Dont use HMD for desktop or what, only gaming but its all the same in the end. Clearer is better and if less GPU demanding can use highter AntiAliasing maybe to get pixelized/jagged image.

My only “issue” with the 8k is the GPU required to make it run without wasting hardware.