[Nov 2, 2018] 5k+ & 8k


Hi, So, 8K is quite good for you. If there were decent GPUs for 8K now, would you not even think about 5K +? Just wondering.
I still can’t make a choice from just two options. :smile:


Dont think so, since its moslty about performances because yes. it cant have THAT much difference between both headset…dont think so…hope? lol


Think of it this way. Take 2 monitors 1 with higher res & sit close enough to see the pixel arrangement.

The lower res monitor sit back so that you can barely see the pixel layout.

If we assume the original 5k used the same size panel as the 8k; then the perceived resolution would be more or less the same.

Since the 5k+ they said they improved it by using a smaller panel. So with the statement of 9% improved sharpness. We are seeing upto 9% increase in usuable input resolution.

So if the original 5k & 8k used 80% of the panel & thus 80% of the input resolution. The 5k+ is using approx 87.5%.

8k input res 25601440 x .8=
5k+ input res 2560
1440 x .875=


It turns out that the input resolution is less by 8K than by 5K +,due to 80% use of panels ?
Well, the difference is insignificant.

But nevertheless, 8K + is closer to the P4K by the quality of the picture, as far as can be judged by the reviews, although the clarity is worse than that of 5K +.

Hmm, it’s so fun to choose from only two choices, but it’s hard to choose :smile:
This is really the most difficult choice.


Well, then I’ll try to ask more specifically.

I play dynamic action games with controllers, archery, weapons. I also like to drive in car simulators, but in all SDE headsets I was annoyed on the horizon in the distance (except for P4K).

I also watch movies sometimes in the headset.

Based on these needs, what would be better for my choice: 8K or 5K +. What do you recommend ?:roll_eyes:


I stick to the 8k decision, because the sharpness of numbers and letters is not everything. For me, maximum brightness and black level are just as important.

In this one-dimensional view I recognize the cult around resolution, as it is expressed most clearly in 4k smartphones.

There are many people who enjoy computer games like films, so the aesthetic is in the foreground. This applies not only to Elite, but also to games like il2-Bos.


Simply put for games & movies the 8k in your use choice might be best. A picture can look to be unnatural by bring too soft or too sharp.

Having more pixels will make a far off object have more form instead of being blocky/pixelated so to speak.

But it will always be subjective to the individual.

Kind of like how black is black? Black level on an lcd doesn’t bother me as much as someone whom really likes how black an oled is.

My old Philips 55" 1080p TV to watch Star Trek NG from the TV tuner was bad for its black level; but played from a digital player look fine.


For me, colors and black levels also do not matter much.

In general, I began my journey with a 2560x1440 LCD phone in BoboVR Z4 VR glasses.
And I did not notice SDE, the picture was excellent, the colors were fine!

Next, I had P4K, SDE does not exist at all for me in it.
Further Rift, Odyssey, after which I began to hate Fresnel lenses and SDE in car simulators on the horizon.

In general, for the time being I’ll stop at 8K in that case. (If I don’t change my mind at the very end :smile: )
Thanks for the help in this difficult choice :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Your welcome it’s always hard with choice.

With TV you can channel surf til something catches your eye. With Netflix’s you have to choose. :wink:


I wont use it for movies or desktop (my point of view but to me, too early to use HMD for those purposes…maybe movies yes, but who here doesnt have a large screen at home already?) but only gaming.


Sounds like you can just see pixels easily and thats why its is sharp.


Game friendly.
Pixels are part of my life for almost 40 years now, but the less I see them individually the better it is.


This is actually the exact kind of sentence I wanted to read. Even if Captain obvious wrote that :wink: (which can be debate with the upscaler, I know!)


1$ every times I changed my mind and I would have a 8kx full package.
Until now.
Because :
Iam satisfied with the image ingame, I have some really great experiences but my issue is performance. However I can upgrade GPU(again) later and get it to run like Idlike and how it deserve but cannot upgrade 5k+ panels to have less SDE and pixels viewing.

So thats it, I stick with the 8k (Yeah I know, I have it already but I was seriously thinking about late switch…)


Do you mean the GTX1060?
In general, I am amazed that you can play it quite tolerably with the GTX1060 :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

I have a 1080ti, I’ll skip 20XX, aim for 21XX. I hope that the performance is enough for a positive experience with 8K.


I upgraded with 1080TI few days ago and it still not enough but better, much highter framerate ^^.
But I had really lots of fun with 1060 and Iam positive you can play most games with small FoV running at 40fps or even more for small/funny games.


I hear you. Though for the most part both perform imho about the same save the 5k+ has higher fps available.

Save the 5k+ is sharper. I think the upping pitool is to get the 8k closer to sharpness. Once pimax gets it’s extra rendering features like BW/reprojection worked out performance will improve.

Already a hallmark on the software is that originally the 980ti completely tanked causing @Pumcy to have to procure a 1070 to continue testing. The fact that @Fresco has been testing on his 980ti with encouraging results & your 1060 6g tests clearly demonstrate the team has improved the driver quite a bit since the early m1 beta testing. During of which even the 1070 was heavily struggling.

Even my own not really reccommended testing on the now aging r9 390 8g has yield encouraging results in the driver efficiency.


@Heliosurge, do you own an Oculus Go?


Nope… No pc headsets save p4k 5k+ & 8k. Do have google cardboard for lg g2/g4/g6.

Friend has psvr & trialed og vive in store & vive pro in arcade. Tried Oculus dk1 (friend had it) dk2 in a mall on a motion platform experience & cv1 on a demo at immersed 2017 last year.


Ok, I was using my Oculus Go on the new youtube app last night, and was thinking that the image quality is really good with 360 3d 8K videos. But I still don’t know if I can expect something better SDE wise with the Pimax 8K.


There has been a few that compared to the Go.

I believe @theswancollective was one from the berlin meet.


Gave it a go:

The Go had more brightness/color reproduction and clarity on every video despite the enormous super-sampling on the 8K.

SDE was an non issue on the 8K.


Thanks, but when you say a non issue, does that mean less SDE than the Go?


The Go had more apparent SDE than the 8K but the Go had better colors/clarity.

It was either smaller FOV with better colors/clarity on the Go or larger FOV on the 8K with reduced colors/clarity.


We think.

I find it very annoying and typical of Pimax that this hasn’t been answered explicitly despite numerous direct questions.

@PM_Sean PLEASE can you state if 5K+ uses a higher percentage of the screen or tell us what the PPI and screen size of 5K+ and 8K are?