[Nov 2, 2018] 5k+ & 8k


Yes annoying but in Sebastian’s interview is what Robin said. Just hasn’t given us the details asked for ie ppi & original panel size of 5k vs 5k+ size.

So partially confirmed just not to the extent we have asked.


Re both reviews and comparison, one of the easiest to read, succinct reviews with exactly the right information and comparisons exactly where needed.



Thank you. In fairness some credit belongs to @mixedrealityTV as I adopted a similar layout(scoring) setup based on his final 5k+ score.


For me the SDE on the P4k was a non-distracting pixel style, and most of the time not perceivable.

Do you experience this non-distraction of the pixel style with the 8K?

How would you compare the SDE on the P4K to P8K.



Yes, I will definitely share when I get 8K. These were just my thoughts on the choice between headsets. Thank :grinning:

In Pimax 4K SDE never existed for me. I really hope that 8K will be close to P4K in SDE quality, that would be very good.

At the moment, I am testing Lenovo Explorer and I can say that SDE is better in this headset than in Samsung Odyssey, Oculus Rift, better clarity and detail, the text readability is excellent. Movies can already watch well. In Odyssey, SDE still killed small details in films, etc.

OG Odyssey vs Lenovo Explorer through lenses

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