Nube VR set up was a breeze


Hi everyone @ the forum. Nube VR. User.  Pre-order ordered November 24 received February 26 Atlanta Georgia   

Alienware I7 8700 GTX 1080 TI 32ram
I bought this computer just for VR and gaming
Flight Sim. driving Sim But really excited about room scale gaming
No base stations or wands yet.

This has been my very first VR experience and let me tell you I’m pretty sure I’m glad that I waited because this is like stepping into another world of gaming... 

Set up for a beginner and not very computer savvy to begin with Went
Amazingly smooth thanks to the months and months of reading the forum for problems and solutions techniques and procedures.
I was lucky and received a 100% perfect headset Look for any problem in the known areas and none. Yet. Also I was very pleased to download the 103 version and can say I have experience hardly any problem. The headset does not want to be detected sometimes when you turn the computer off overnight and turn it back on it won’t want to appear detected But simple to turn your computer off unplug everything including the power to the hmd. Restart the computer and then plug in USB video cable and then power at the last seems to work like a charm every time.

So yes the very first image that I saw in VR was the moon base At pimax WoW. Next was calibrated wrong and I ended up looking like a bug on the floor of the steam loading area But fixed it with set up.

I am still limited on games to play but will definitely enjoy more to come Couldn’t get google VR to move around freely maybe I need the wands I’m using steam controller

Skyrim is so amazing.
Project cars 2
Race room

The internal Gyro seems to Wk really good so far. Can look all the way in the backseat of my car or over my shoulder with no problems smooth…
The head strap. Leaves a little to be desired I can place it perfectly but it doesn’t last very long seems to possibly be a touch tighter to hold position for longer but learning new quick techniques on how to get it right back in the position.
I personally used black gaff tape to reinforce the bottom edge and the side corners not know when if this might interfere with room scale tracking ?

Nothing new to report to the forum except for thank you all for Breaking down the procedures and techniques on installation and problem-solving fine-tuning and tweaking settings for a new VR person like me to take a bite.

Now it’s time to tweak some settings and fine-tune my system for maximum performance.
@PimaxUSA I am so satisfied with my purchase thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. Thx.