Nvidia are nerfing the performance on the latest RTX drivers


Hi all,

Just letting you know that it appears that Nvidia have been reducing the overall performance on the drivers (399 and above) which is when the new RTX cards came out, which affects 1080’s, and 1060 cards (including the TI versions)

more on this is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrd3cQi9mqI

I did notice a drop in performance on my 1080ti and was trying to identify what was causing the 5fps drop in some of my games…

i will be reverting to an earlier driver than the ones that were released with RTX tonight (Note : there have been 6 driver releases above 399 version which appears to be affected with this performance nerf).

I will revert to this one tonight:

Version: 398.82
Type: Graphics Driver
Release Date: Wed Aug 01, 2018
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
Language: English (US)
File Size: 489.99 MB




Awesome @SweViver mentioned this as well.


apologies, just back from MSoft conference so i have not caught up with whats happening on the board. so much to read!


I hear you. We can’t be on top of everything. Only so much we can do. Marcin suggested Nvidia was deliberately messing with the 10series to encourage 20series sales.

Even Nvidia’s deep learning appears to be fluff. If you look in steam settings there is something similar for Vulkan if I am understanding it right. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Planned obsolescence seems to become a common feature on products coming from the bigger names today…Apple and Samsung have been just fined 10 and 5 million $ for it :unamused:


He is doing such videos already for 2 months and he many times admitted there is no nerf.

Did you guys watched the video to the end?

Video with conclusion and timeline:

THERE IS NO NERF. BUGS? CHANGES? - YES. NERF - NO. Perfomance is affected no only by drivers version, but also by the windows updates.


Keep in mind @Enopho is a Windows desktop Engineer. After doing a lot of testing to find where he lost fps was he determined that it is indeed tge gpu driver has degraded performance.

So reinstalling the older pre 400 series drivers would not have restored the fps loss if it was on the windows side. Imho


Thats his personal issue and his opinion, if he want to blame Nvidia for gimping their cards - its his right, but adding video to his posts that explains the issue and confirms there is no real difference in FPS - is completely wrong, because name of the video and conclusions made at the far end - are not the same. Its misleading!


No that’s his expert opinion as a microsoft desktop engineer. Meaning he has a deeper understanding of microsoft’s operating system pros & cons.

Proof is in testing driver’s results in fps & other benchmarks. So either bugs in Nvidia driver or deliberate degrade. Likely both.


Ill rather believe to a blogger who provides benchmarks and says its particular driver issue and not overall gimping for all drivers. Being engineer doesnt means being always right.

They did actually lots of test, confirming fps issues both on amd and nvidia cards and these issues were tied with drivers & windows updates.

Bugs? Issues? Changes? Sure. But intentional performance degradation from the Nvidia side is unproven, imho.


Yes everyone has prefered sources. Eno having 2 identicle systems can & does compare them side by side.

For compare he uses at least ED as one of his favorite games. The real question how strong is the blogger’s tech skills?

It’s always good to have enough info out there to create uncertainty.


Given Nvidia’s history… I would think that it is within the realm of possibility and worth considering as an option.


Performance on my 1080ti has been extremely consistent over the past year or so since I got the card, and I always keep my drivers up to date. Of course, there have been a few drivers that caused performance degradation, but NVIDIA always pushes fixes for them within a few days.


Ah ! Back in the old days, when the 8800 was 130% faster than the previous generation…remember it…

This video shows pretty well that, apart from the huge transistor count, Nvidia got smaller and smaller performance gains, with prices going up as much as 350% in respect to the past generarions, for just a smaller and smaller performance gain on every new gen, they are not worth your money.

I sometimes wished that the 3dFx guys had a chance to grow to a big company, instead of being absorbed into Nvidia, that completely scrapped their projects, only to put them out of business…