Nvidia on coming Storm


Looks like Nvidia is facing some troubles on the Horizon that Samsung & Broadcom already XP.


Justice finally comes more and more often these times, to the ones who cheat and play dirty…it seems :smirk:

Something to learn from these signs…


Well I am sure you’d agree as you have more or less posted as such.

Patents both serve to protect IP & hinder advancement of technology by preventing ideas moving forward.

Why I am a fan of Opensource ideas. Have you read up on Is it Risc-5? Nice opensource protects the idea & ensures it won’t die if the originater collapses. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Humans are insane. We know without drawing on knowledge someone else discovered we would not survive a day.

We create laws that you cannot use knowledge others discovered without paying them, when it suits the powerful and totally ignore that we all stand on the shoulders of giants and individually we’ve discovered nothing.

We prevent doctors from accessing medical research which would inform them on treating their patient (potentially you) because Village Roadshow executives are worried their annual bonus might be less than a million dollars.

Without using the knowledge of others you are already dead. IP is a capitalist scam ruining science.


Science and knowledge are already ruined from nearly a century…and the ones pulling its strings are the same capitalists you talk about; 99% of the “scientists” on the top chain are as stupid, close minded and indoctrinated as religious leaders…

The problem you see is only one very small aspect of the entire matter, and is used by the same people to control their “science”, and where it goes…

In any case, there are other powers at work now, that want this to end and uncover the thousands of patents that are sitting in the closed archives from as much as 50 years and more, getting dust, that could have been drove humanity close to a Star Trek like civilization…these recent happenings are only some of the methods still using the same old “law” tricks to drive the companies who are run by the individuals who pretend to control the technology, out of business, or at least weaken them to a point they will lose their control.

All the knowledge we need to solve most of our problems is already available, it is just not revealed and talked about, by these same ones that control “technology” , and everything you see coming out or presented as “new” are only very small crumbs with no real importance and real value.

When the real, old, always known, knowledge will come out, you will not believe it, it will blow your mind and probably scare the hell out of yourself :slight_smile:

It’s now more only a problem of “when” than “if” , if just more people of humanity had become aware of these things, it would have happened already…it needs a 100th monkey effect to finally take place, but most of humanity is still lagging behind, asleep and unconscious, and it is still preventing this to happen.


True. Once in a while there are slips. Like “Who killed the Electric Car” GM & the US government in a nutshell (and Oil companies).

Medical advances often hindered due to the taught doctrines vs old & true.

1 example is old method of broken bones ess to set but not imobolize & use a Comfry. Bones heal faster & with often no later troubles (now almost a lost art).

It would surprise me if Medicine man movie had more truth to it than just based.