Nvidia’s 430.39 GeForce drivers have a nasty bug with some CPUs




"…it seems that version 430.39 has also brought with it a rather nasty bug which spikes processor usage under Windows.

A number of users have reported seeing their CPU usage bump up by around 10% to 20%, even when the PC is idling and no game (or indeed anything else) is running."


This is another reason to consider the creator ready branch of the NVIDIA driver (CRD) instead of GRD which is available since March, no mambo jumbo just better video rendering and unreal 4.22 support. No automatic game “optimization” in CRD which is only a further factor to consider the graph settings anyway - and there is no serious doubt that we already have enough of them to consider and adjust.
BTW I always change driver by DDU in protected mode (at least u should cut ways 4 windows update during process).

Edit hot fix 430.53 is rolled out


Yes, nVidia just released a new “hotfix” driver.

NVIDIA Support now offers new version 430.53 GeForce hotfix drivers for NVIDIA GeForce graphic cards, which fixes this and a few other problems.


Whats the difference of the Standard Driver and the DCH driver ?

For get that, found the answer.
" Microsoft thing. They are moving to a new platform for all their drivers; Universal Windows Platform (UWP). You may have to try both formats to see if your system is fully compatible with the new format drivers."