NVidia VR funhouse not working - 5K+



Have a recent 5K+, I installed Nvidia VR funhouse but it doesn’t work at all, stutters like a slide show, can’t get a consistent picture in the pimax, sound also completely stutters. I have a RTX2080 with latest driver and a 4790K @ 4.5 GHz so this should be OK. Other games work fine.
Any idea?

PS: not related, but Epic Roller Coaster DLC’s are @ -72% at the moment on Steam, bought the 8-pack for 5.30€ and it’s awesome with the 5K+!


Awesome price on Roller coaster.

I can’t test Nvidia funhouse no controllers yet. Disappointing this hasn’t been fixed up.

Have your tried Small FoV?

What settings have you tried & what is your setup?

@SweViver might have some input on settings.


Man that index is looking so good right now. As soon as that thing is available in Canada im going to have to do some soul searching to see if this FOV is worth this hassle.


You could grab a Reverb. Nvidia having pimax sell gpus you’d think they’d fix their demo.

Tbf Nvidia should have had this fixed as it’s supposed to show case Nvidia Mgpu vr.


Hello Heliosurge,

You can test VR funhouse without controller, I did it before receiving my Nolo CV1, and it was already doing this, not even being able to reach a menu or produce a stable picture in the Pimax. I tried again with the controllers, but same result.

And again off topic but interesting: Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR is also on sale @ -75%, so 5 euros for Europe. Works perfectly with 5K+/CV1, just have to try with smaller FOV, at standard settings there are some black areas on the edge of the picture, but not dramatic.


Okay cool likely won’t be til fri/sat will give it a run.

I do recall on game list Nvidia Funhouse was problematic on pimax not sure if small fov has been tested or if funhouse has been updated. But as said would have thought Nvidia would have had this worked on to showcase it’s capabilities.

Awesome thanks for headsup on steam sale


Reverbs resolution is tempting, but i’ve been hearing about that classic HP quality. Almost matches pimax.


Indeed which is a shame long ago HP was decent. But like Star wars tgat was a long time ago.