Obduction Free on GoG (2019-05-31) + Discussion about the game



Obduction VR Free Until June 1st! :beers::heart_eyes::+1::sparkles:

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Great game… :+1::wink:

I’ve been playing it for a while (bought it at a sale) and am wondering if anyone has found a fix for what seems to be shadows not being displayed the same in both eyes? PP already enabled.

Something feels of and when You close either eye You’ll see it clearly.


Yes, with shadows there are definitely some problems on the Pimax, but not always, which is interesting.
On a large FOV, this game is very demanding, and problems with shadows, it seemed to me, are more noticeable.

And on a small FOV, the performance is quite good. And the shadows are not so noticed, but still there are problems.

I played this game still on Lenovo Explorer, there were no problems with shadows…


By the way, in the GOG a 50% discount on “Overload”, now I’ll take it exactly :sunglasses:



From the makers of the original Descent game. Got that one too… :wink::+1:


Just a hint how to get in VR on the GOG version…


Just checked “Overload” - works great!

Convenient launch option without GOG.
In the folder with the game we find the file “OverloadOpenVR.bat”. We throw a shortcut from it to the desktop, change its icon to the overload.exe icon for beauty and can be launched from the desktop with one hit. And he looks like a normal shortcut :beers: (Running GOG is not required)



Or you can run directly from the GOG client.



Grabbed Obduction yesterday. Only walked to the house so far just to have a look. Free is nice.

Yep love Overlord. Been meaning to get back to it. I play it like I did Descent, with full Hotas/rudders :joystick: Rock and Roll baby.


SublevelZero is Descent like as well.


Yes, I’m waiting for a 55% discount on SZ, which was last June at :roll_eyes:


Oh thanks for a free game!


Is this game running normal? The starting scene seems to run good, but after that alien thing teleports me its unplayable… I get like 10 fps


I don’t think it’s optimized very well. Certainly couldn’t run on epic settings on my 1080ti. Even on high there are some areas that struggle a little, but it is playable for me.


Yeah its great. I play with twin T-16000Ms my self.

Whatever happed to that “actual” descent VR game. The one that they removed from early access because they couldnt take criticism.

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