Oculus Game DEFECTOR



Hello dear Pimax Team and dear Pimax User.

Unfortunately, the new game works: DEFECTOR not on the Pimax.

It does not start.

I tested it with the new Pitool version. It’s not working.

I would be very happy if Pimax can fix that.

Many Thanks

Timo Hochhaus


Do we have a running list yet of Oculus titles that aren’t supported?


Defector and Vader Immortal in terms of controls


Defector currently not working on Revive Eitther.


Can you check for crash logs?


PiTool is still using Oculus SDK 1.21 and Defector is almost certainly using Oculus SDK 1.38 as Revive 1.7.0 implements that SDK and apparently Defector works with 1.7.0.


I see it was updated after I posted link lol.


So it works now ? Didnt get it


Revive just updated to beta. Ss from an hour ago?


So is it working now with the Pimax ?


No Revive. Revive just had a beta update. Revive + pimax might work.


How is she playing it with the index btw ^^ ?

Someone has to try it with the Pimax though…Would be a dream playing this game with a large fov


They did through pitool. Need someone to try with Revive it was updated today a few hours ago.


How do you know they played through pi tool if they are playing with the index and not with the pimax lol ?


The Op played through pitool or rather tried.


And did he suceed ? ^^


Read post #1 no it did not work.


Revive update this page 7 hours ago .
Is work with “Revive Beta” now.




Yes we already confirmef Revive Beta released.