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Maybe we need an oculus mode .

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Oculus games should work from PiTool as long as they are using Oculus SDK 1.21 or lower. Newer games are often using SDK 1.38 so they don’t work.

Also games which involve physically moving your head don’t seem to recognize the action with Pimax headsets.

Revive 1.7.0 has SDK 1.38 implemented however some games are giving a LowLevelFatalError which the developer of Revive is looking into.


Atleast the Moon Dust Demo works for me after I updated the firmware of the index controllers with my htc vive .

So playing the Moondust Demo with the Pimax Xr (limited to 82hz as the xr cant get 90hz with the oled Disolay ) with a rtx 2080 ti and a 9900k results in 68-72 fps with a gpu usage of 70-75 % and SS130%.

Pretty bad result ^^ I wonder if the pimax developers are testing and playing with their products .


You can Play Defector with the htc vive so you skip the mirror scene . Then you can enjoy the rest of the game with revive and the pimax . The problem is revive runs bad with my pimax. I got not smooth head tracking , like some kind of a delay causing extreme motion sickness.
Guess what : Revive runs perfectly fine without any delay on the htc vive :roll_eyes:


Yeah it’s possible Revive might be programmed to have issues on pimax. Or simply the increase in FoV is more demanding on Pimax vs HTC Vive Pro. (More res & more details to render).

Have you tried Vive mode to see if it performs better? Or to try on small FoV so pimax & htc are on even ground?


Where do you see a " vive mod " first time reading about it :slight_smile: Perhabs thats the solution :slight_smile:
I will try the small fov though now :slight_smile: Ty

I got the first htc vive not the pro and Pimax xr ofcourse


Vive mode is under Hmd or Games in Pitool.

Og Vive should run well as it is very low Res.


Well I’d like thank crossvr for allowing me to be able to play oculus games on my vive for the last few years. He develops for steam vr not 3rd party drivers like pitool. It’s pimax software so it’s up to pimax to react to changes that either oculus or valve implement, if crossvr can keep up to date with oculus revisions then why can’t pimax with all their resources? I’ve seen valve being blamed for breaking things with pimax software but it’s up to pimax to react promptly to changes, not the other way around. That’s my quarterly post, see you in November.


Fully agreed that its up to Pimax to sort out Oculus compatibility issues, but you also need to give them time to do so. They can’t be expected to fix it as fast as CrossVr can because they have a lot more on their plate than just maintaining Oculus compatibility. Bottom line is still that if someone must play Oculus exclusives as soon as they are released with no worries on compatibility issues then you need to pick up a Rift. You can thank Facebook for that.


You need to read up on The BlackBat detective.

As said pimax with the p4k had Oculus support. The p4k also appeared as an Oculus dk2 in device drivers. Just because you have to similar programs doesn’t mean anyone copied the other.

Revive in 2016 was very wonky. Where pimax’s at the time worked decently in comparison save Oculus Cam hardware check where some users found a ps3 eye cam could spoof it.

Difference is Revive is an application layer for Steamvr to play oculus home games. Pimax does not use Steamvr to play Oculus.


Hi, I wasn’t trying to start an argument, all I’m trying to say is that steam vr is being updated a couple of times a week and will continue to do so while the index issues are addressed, any one of those updates could potentially break pimax compatibility and they need to be able to react promptly with maybe as you suggested hotfix patches. I’m not a pimax hater, I’ve tried one and could see it had a nice clear panel and great fov, my brother in law has a 5k+ and i want him to have the best experience possible so please look at pimax as an individual entity, there’s no need to compare how pimax are comparing to other vr companies, that’s just a distraction, judge pimax on how they are performing for it’s users. There used to be regular updates from pimax on here, if they just said “hi guys, we’re working on a hotfix, it will be released soon” that would placate most users I think but silence definitely isn’t golden in this case. C’mon pimax, don’t mess this up, sharing is caring.


Agreed you have good points. Pimax is still releasing software in an old approach. Patches is definitely something they need to be able to accomplish. 2 releases a month has been an average. So there kind if close. But usually a beta & a supposed stable labelled release(need better testing before labelling stable).


I didn’t mean to stir up a crossvr /pimax debate, sorry. It was more about the speed of updates and reacting to changes which is currently slow and having little communication from pimax doesn’t inspire any confidence in users. There’s a lot of passion involved, we all like to feel that we bought well, I’ve got the index and it is good but as with all current headsets, it’s not perfect, the pimax is good but also not perfect, if we can’t have perfection in our headsets, at least we should be able to have good up to date software that works and communication that the dev is aware and working on solutions when it doesn’t. Please don’t argue amongst yourselves,i know forums can be annoying, I’ve probably annoyed people with this post but I genuinely want the best for pimax, point your disappointment at pimax and try and whip them into shape. All the best, that’s definitely my last post, I’m a dirty index owner and shouldn’t even be on here lol.


Exactly , why aren’t Pimax commenting on the current lack of Oculus game support ? Are they even providing support on this forum anymore ?


Good question… Everybody seems to be silent…


I am getting an Index anyway so I dont care :smiley:
I will use my pimax xr for darker shooters like Doom , dungeon games like mages tale … and ofcourse elite dangereous…
Competetive games I would use the Index because of much more and stable fps

Till then lets hope a quality headset comes out like a star vr one or an xtal .


I’m tempted to grab the Rift S, just so I can finally have a complete/solid experience in VR. BestBuy has it for 549.00. Tired of waiting endlessly for the silent Pimax rolling train to end in completion sometime in 2020 I’m sure.


There is a savegame you can download to get past the stuck.

Put it there

C:\Users\ (Your Username) \AppData\LocalLow\Twisted Pixel\DFCTR


Cool I will try it when when I get home