Oculus Game DEFECTOR



Maybe we need an oculus mode .


They have it built in. When you launch an Oculus title it shuts steamvr down (reported broken/isdue in 144 a user posted a work around). In 144 it’s reportef not shutting steamvr down.

In Old old piplay you chose modes manually & it had 2 Oculus modes if mem served

  • Oculus sdk 0.8? Direct mode
  • Oculus sdk 0.6? Extend mode

Then had Pimax Mode(steamvr) & Extended Mode


Oculus games should work from PiTool as long as they are using Oculus SDK 1.21 or lower. Newer games are often using SDK 1.38 so they don’t work.

Also games which involve physically moving your head don’t seem to recognize the action with Pimax headsets.

Revive 1.7.0 has SDK 1.38 implemented however some games are giving a LowLevelFatalError which the developer of Revive is looking into.


Atleast the Moon Dust Demo works for me after I updated the firmware of the index controllers with my htc vive .

So playing the Moondust Demo with the Pimax Xr (limited to 82hz as the xr cant get 90hz with the oled Disolay ) with a rtx 2080 ti and a 9900k results in 68-72 fps with a gpu usage of 70-75 % and SS130%.

Pretty bad result ^^ I wonder if the pimax developers are testing and playing with their products .


You can Play Defector with the htc vive so you skip the mirror scene . Then you can enjoy the rest of the game with revive and the pimax . The problem is revive runs bad with my pimax. I got not smooth head tracking , like some kind of a delay causing extreme motion sickness.
Guess what : Revive runs perfectly fine without any delay on the htc vive :roll_eyes:


Yeah it’s possible Revive might be programmed to have issues on pimax. Or simply the increase in FoV is more demanding on Pimax vs HTC Vive Pro. (More res & more details to render).

Have you tried Vive mode to see if it performs better? Or to try on small FoV so pimax & htc are on even ground?


Where do you see a " vive mod " first time reading about it :slight_smile: Perhabs thats the solution :slight_smile:
I will try the small fov though now :slight_smile: Ty

I got the first htc vive not the pro and Pimax xr ofcourse


Vive mode is under Hmd or Games in Pitool.

Og Vive should run well as it is very low Res.


Last I heard he accused Pimax of theft without proper accreditation, so I think that bridge was burned.



This is the dev of revive. Pimax should’ve just collaborated with him from the beginning to avoid all this mess. But no, pimax thought they were too good for that. So now we have to play oculus games through pitool where there’s NO chaperone, no turn signal, no openvr advanced settings, no fpsvr, no access to desktop from steamvr dashboard, and where so many oculus games just don’t work…


I take CrossVR at his word. What a shame.


I wouldn’t necessarily as pimax had their own Oculus support on the p4k near when he started. Pimax’s oculus support worked quite well back then using Oculus 0.8 & 0.6 modes. These modes like pimax’s current implementation do not use steam. That mode is seperate.


According to CrossVR Pimax are not using Revive itself, they are only using the injector which is probably the reason that there are no options like there are with Revive.


Which unlike iVRy Dev with NoloVR has not provided proof.

Pimax 4k had 2 Oculus modes plus Pimax mode(steam/direct) & a 4th extend mode.

Early 2016 post playing Oculus without Piplay

@VRKommando was a user here as well explains Direct mode fix

You guys want to play steam games with your PIMAX? Just take a look here!


Well I’d like thank crossvr for allowing me to be able to play oculus games on my vive for the last few years. He develops for steam vr not 3rd party drivers like pitool. It’s pimax software so it’s up to pimax to react to changes that either oculus or valve implement, if crossvr can keep up to date with oculus revisions then why can’t pimax with all their resources? I’ve seen valve being blamed for breaking things with pimax software but it’s up to pimax to react promptly to changes, not the other way around. That’s my quarterly post, see you in November.


Wmr is a 3rdparty steamvr driver.

Simple pimax is a headset not just an api/hack & pimax needs to get into releasing hotfix patches.


Now folks before jumping to conclusions. Many know the Story of Batman; but how many know the story of The Black Bat Detective?


Fully agreed that its up to Pimax to sort out Oculus compatibility issues, but you also need to give them time to do so. They can’t be expected to fix it as fast as CrossVr can because they have a lot more on their plate than just maintaining Oculus compatibility. Bottom line is still that if someone must play Oculus exclusives as soon as they are released with no worries on compatibility issues then you need to pick up a Rift. You can thank Facebook for that.


Kind of amazing how one guy, who basically does Revive in his spare time for free, can be so much more competent than the entirety of Pimax.


Yes he does do it for free & accepts donations. I think Palmer Luckey is still Donating $2000/month. I’m sure that helps with having free time along with others who choose to support donating.