Oculus Game DEFECTOR



Are Pimax going to release a patch for oculus games or are they abandoning support because I thought they would have released a hot fix for oculus content by now @Dallas.Hao @PimaxUSA


the game does work with the new revive beta… but at the part when you stand at the mirror in the beginning you need to move your head up and down but that doesnt work so your stuck here…
And the game is performance heavy on the pimax


Yes it would be great if pimax could get into releasing hotix patches instead of just full releases.


Well I just purchased Defector but I can’t get it to run even with the latest Revive . Is anyone at Pimax ever going to even comment the current state of support for Oculus games. This bloody headset is really starting to kill my enthusiasm for VR . @PimaxUSA @Dallas.Hao @SweViver


What a shame, paid so much money for this headset and end up this kind of thing keep happened, First Cable, 2nd Little crack on the edge and now this Defector not working, you can access but The Text seen missing too (its like invisible) not even a solution after so long? Come on Pimax i believe you all can do better than this @PimaxUSA @Dallas.Hao @Sweviver please solve this problem asap. Losing trust each day just by using your Headset now. How you want i recommend to people like this.


Defector is not working due to it is using a newer Oculus Sdk. Revive was broken on this game until Revive released the 1.7 beta.

So yes not always will a new Oculus game work on release. Why pimax also needs to get into hotfix patches instead of delaying for a new full version.


Unfortunately if you want to be guaranteed of being able to play Oculus exclusive games on the day of release then you need to buy an Oculus headset for that. You can blame Facebook for not opening their store to multiple headsets. All Pimax can do is make patches after a game is released and it is found that it doesn’t already work. As Helio suggested they need to implement a hot fix method to speed up the process as much as possible, but they can’t be faulted for a game not working immediately on release.


As far as I can tell no oculus games are working out of Pitool at the moment . Revive runs some games but at the cost of performance .


I installed the previous version of Pitool and managed to get Vader Immortal running and it looked and ran great but the grip buttons don’t work . It runs with Revive but I get bad controller lag .


We should get an oculus rift s but that refresh rate is bad and no oled displays this time …


Yes I am seriously thinking of getting a Rift S . I will keep the 5k+ for the games that work on it because of the FOV


I’m still debating between an Index or a Rift S…

I keep going back and forth in my head.


Rift S preferable used… Or you want to spend 1000 bucks…


As long as ipd under 69? But yeah it has a better price point & time for issues to be identified & addressed.


But you are right with the IPD with my 68,5 I am not sure if I would go with a Rift…


The index would cost me $2000.00 plus in Australia. I am still hoping Pimax get there act together with game support but there doesn’t seem to be any information about anything coming from them lately .


Oculus Game support like Revive is going to be hit & miss until Facebook becomes friendly to non Oculus headsets. Oculus sdk ia very much like console firmware updates. Designed to break/limit 3rdparty access.

SteamVR is going to be the goto platform for headsets as it is friendly to 3rdparty headsets. Even Viveporr has been reported to have improved a lot(but honestly it’s still Mainly SteamVR Backend).


Pimax is still marketing their headsets as able to play Oculus games so it is Pimax I am counting on to provide support and not revive . When oculus games do work with Pitool they work better than they do with revive . For me at least .


Does the revive guy have a Pimax so he can support it properly ?


It does have Oculus Support. Like Revive it needs a new patch. An Hour after checking Revive Game compatability list a beta was released giving Defector ability to play(somewhat).

Until Oculus changes it’s strategy. You will only get guaramteed day 1 access to Oculus games with a Facebook made headset.