Oculus Quest hands on



Firstly I love my Pimax 5K+. I really tried to resist the Oculus Quest 128GB but failed horribly and it arrived today.

My 5k+ is like a filet mignon steak and the Quest is like a hamburger. But sometimes I want a burger!

I’m not a big fan of brand loyalty and tend to go where the tech leads me. So far that path has been Oculus DK, HTC vive, Pimax 5k+ and Quest and I have enjoyed them all.

My Pimax has resolution/clarity/fov the Quest can’t compete with (the step down in FOV was very jarring). However the pick up and go of the Quest is great, the wireless is great, the controllers are great, the price is great, the guardian system with pass through is great. Its a very polished product/package. In my house it’s more of a threat to the Xbox than a threat to my Pimax.

As I type this my young son is playing on the Quest in the living room. When he goes to bed my wife wants a go and then finally I can test Vader immortal. It’s never going to replace my Pimax with Elite dangerous. I understand its not for everyone but for us it’s fun and I would recommend a hands on test.


U’re right. I’m waiting for my Rift S delivery for outdoor VR-parties.