Oculus Reveals 140 Degree VR Headset with Varifocal Displays


Expectations are set with timelines, shattered, and re set at a later date. There’s speak of how great the early version was, and how the new one is suffering issues. Most people have patience by adapting to a certain set of parameters. However the parameters keep changing. It definitely is irritating. And I definitely don’t blame people for being grumpy, I certainly have my moments. But we def do our best to tempter expressing anger as to not get the community busting out pitch forks. But…:roll_eyes: I def don’t judge people for wearing thin with patience with all these flexing parameters.


Ah, the dilemma of being an early adopter. wait…and wait…and wait. finally when it seems time to give up it arrives and is wonderful for two months then something better comes along. rinse and repeat.


I have gotten more than my money’s worth from my Rift and definitely more than 2 months of joy. Try more than 2 years and counting. I still play almost daily. Early adoption is only a dilemma for those who should have stayed home.


The primary issue is that Pimax set expectations for December 2017 delivery, then last minute as KS started nudged that to January. So people are right to be annoyed at what was essentially either a massive misjudgment or just enticing BS to get people backing on KS.

However we (potentially) know the general status of the HMD, we know roughly where its up to and current expectations look a bit more realistic. Projects of all forms can easily move a couple of weeks or months for unforeseen reasons, something totally of of their control like a third party supplier/manufacturer let them down.

Given the fact we know the headset appears to be on track, and the fact this isn’t a pre-order! This was a Kickstarter to help fund pimax in getting the 8K developed and released. I don’t understand the idea that people want them to just rush out something that doesn’t work well? irrelevant of levels of patience… I’m sure the majority want a decent VR system that granted like all will have compromises but be a ‘good enough’ product to meet our expectations of now.

It’s not like they are making bird houses, something with an obvious design and just dragging their heals for no apparent reason. They are pioneering something that doesn’t exist elsewhere, and that needs time and effort. I believe its close, and yes if it gets delayed by a few months I’ll be annoyed but certainly still wouldn’t want something unfinished and substandard to be rushed out.

All we can ask for is improved feedback and transparency from Pimax, that’s what we need right now. Its getting a little better but as a backer still not where I’d like it to be.


At just 36 I’ve bought my fair share of tech and agree once you get over the wow factor you want more. However there’s plenty of purchaces I’ve made that have been absolutly worth it. Most gets to a point where its good enough. Take smart phones for example. They got to a point where they do everything you need. How is the Samsung S9 any any better than the S6? I’ve been buying projectors since the early 2000’s. I found Panasonic got to a point with the AE1000 series where they couldnt really make it any better. Over the last 10 years they’ve only made small improvements

When I got my Vive pre order back in 2016 the wow factor blew me away for the first few weeks but it was obvious from day one the screen resolution needed much work. I honestly believe 4k native per eye will be enough to sustain that wow factor. If you can see everything clearly with no artifacts VR will be incredible


The new Oculus gear may pose less of a threat than some of you seem to think. There’s more info here: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/05/oculus-teases-its-next-vr-prototype-moving-lenses-finger-tracking-wider-fov/

The thing that caught my eye is that this seems to be part of a “five-year timeline”, which will finally introduce a 4K view for each eye and only 140 degree FOV.

That’s the kind of thing that makes me glad I’m getting an 8K.

I don’t want Pimax to rush out a sub-standard headset. I plan to be using it for years; what difference will another month or two really make?


if just a month or two yeah of course its way better to wait.
Nobody wants a rushed headset, but we already are 5 months away and more to come (ok oooook January was too optimistic so lets say hum…3 month)
Once again the point is not the wait, its the fact that every 2 month we get a delay and they know every time that the timeline is not doable.
Many Backers does not share the idea of Roadshow or even test units.
The truth is they don’t listen Backers, they ask and they get ideas from them.
They create the illusion and the hope and then…u wait


Safe to say Oculus CV2 will not be released to consumer before 2020 as they are still building prototypes, they have yet to build the developer kit merging all of theses progress, distribute it to developer along a new SDK and then only get the consumer version with production issues sorted.


“five-year timeline” in 2016, two years ago, so three years left. Provided they have not accelerated their plans.


The biggest issue I see is they need to release a ball park estimate in release; instead of bumping the date when it draws near.

It’s not that there not listening to backers (save liking questions without giving a response); its that they are as you said (or someone) being too optimistic on the release schedule. Then seemingly waiting to til the last moment to bump the release date as folks are excited for the impending release.


That’s absolutely wrong. The lighthouse basestations are known to be extremely robust, even after falling down from 2 metres.

Lighthouse issues are very rare, and mostly linked to Bluetooth or occasional problems with syncronisation, which can be completely solved by using the sync cable.


I have seen a child hit the two meter high tripod of a lighthouse and how this lighthouse bounced on the ground and continued running without problems.


This presentation was a huge disappointement for any VR enthusiast who expected from Facebook Oculus something ground-breaking around the corner.

Not only because this prototype is far from a consumer ready release, but because the “varifocal display” mechanic is useless to any VR veteran. It’s a solution to a problem, you didn’t know about, because your eyes have already adapted to separate accommodation from convergence. Therefore the “varifocal” feature has very little use for us; we can already focus on near-by objects. It’s just a matter of little training.


Here are some articles to the contrary.



There is more. Valve redesigned v2 to make them cheaper & more robust. Some of the v1 issues are hard to diagnose like having 1 failed ir led. Sure the failure rate isn’t as bad as say the xbox 360 on release.

So not mistaken in what I said. I know for example some friends that still have working 1st gen xb 360 in spite of its high failure rate.

I never said they couldn’t be knocked around or fall. The blue tooth is to tell them to power up. The pimax v2 was using home grown v1 lighthouses & were not connected via bluetooth. Lighthouse v1 needs to see one another to enumerate or use the sync cable. V2 doesn’t need to see one another… So easier setup.


Are you sure about that? i have spent lot of time in VR yet i still have hard time reading stuff on a 15-30cm close object, i always need to put them farther than i wish them to be so that i can read the content. I was under the impression that varifocal display was a big deal for me.


Higher Res creates a better virtual depth. For example i don’t need to swap to easier to read text in Ethan Carter. I can read the yellowed paper with hand writing on the 4k model.


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I don’t think have to hurry up.

  1. Stronger point of pimax is 200 fov and we already know that new oculus will not do.
  2. Santa cruz have to send to developer at the Q3 in this year, half dome have to get more time.


We can probably infer that this hmd might have a resolution a bit higher than Oculus go, but with 140 degree FOV, the PPD wont increase too much, if at all.

I do think Pimax will be fine, even without variable focus. GPUS are going to be hammered by newer hmds, and prices are asinine.

I saw a Vega 56 for $830 at the store today. 1070 ti was $599. This industry will slow down if GPUs dont see some massive gains.


By giving our permission to them that doesnt mean they have to take like unlimited time ffs. They need to hurry up @xunshu.