Oculus Reveals 140 Degree VR Headset with Varifocal Displays


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V1 lighthouses are known to have a variety of failures. Which is why v2 lighthouses are simplified compared to v1. [/quote]

Except that HTC has not made them cheaper for the Vive Pro but more expensive :smiley:


The vive pro has v2 & yes htc not known for reasonsble prices.


It is a prototype. Purpose is to test the waters if they can release this as a serious upgrade that consumers will adopt.
Pimax still has a lead on this nice upgrade for Oculus, but still. Oculus prototype is still in development. If Pimax can deliver on their promise for this year, they are beating both Vive pro and Oculus CV1 for a while.


I’m not convinced about that VariFocal technology. My eyes focus already to the distance of the display behind the lens.
So this is that.
The demo video is misleading, I’d say the blur has to be generated artificially so the optics can compensate via VariFocal tech. Sure it could help to avoid VR sickness and mimic a more physical correct view for the eyes. But I’m not sure it’s worth adding mechanical components in permanent use that will fail over time, other than all the “simple” electronic elements.

Really bad IMHO is the announcement of 140 FoV, to me it looks like the rip off marketing strategy to charge more money forcing customers to adapt in small steps with every new generation that adds another 30 degrees until 200 is reached. All on the cost of the buyers including a long road of incompatibility and lackluster optimizations and adaptations on the software side, an unnecessary burden for all software devs.

So i really hope the Pimax 8k will come with no further delays and put some pressure on Oculus to not stand back in case of FoV at least.

So I only applaud the somewhat announced eye tracking and foveated rendering, that is a much needed technology for the industry as a whole. The rest is rather a disappointment. No substitute for a Pimax 8k as advertised.


Totally agree…of course it’s a marketing strategy, “give them new things one drop at a time”, even if they have new things in the research department, so they can sell you a “new” headset and maximizing profits with the less R&D and testing costs, Nvidia pretty much is doing it with their GPU’s, HTC did it with just a couple of things throwed in the Vive Pro, and asking for a simply ridiculus price to pay for.

It’s only thanks to visionary and passionate people who dream big, like Pimax and a few others that the big money companies are pushed to follow, never forget…that’s all your power as consumers, and it is a FUCKIN’ BIG POWER :slight_smile:


This thing probably isn’t coming out for a couple years, Pimax has nothing to worry about. Last time they showed off a prototype in video-form only rather than hands-ons was two years ago with the Santa Cruz headset, where they basically just said “this is what we’re working on”. Santa Cruz might ship “to developers” late 2018.

For folks saying Oculus is purposely trying to “drip” out technology, I don’t think so. Note that the “Half Dome” is basically the same size as an Oculus Rift; something Oculus likes to do is make their products friendly looking, small and light (to the point they went way out of their way to cover the Oculus Rift in fabric). Pimax 8k is a great hardcore device, but it is definitely imposing - I would have a hard time getting my mom to try out the Pimax :slight_smile: I’d bet 140 degree fov is the best they could do at that small size.


I’d bet with a curved display 200 is doable at that same size. FB/Oculus have the global standing to use an push latest technology…and on top of that, it is really the key to full immersion much more than resolution and variable focus…


Yeah as a few others said, it will be a while before we see this from Oculus on the market. A citation from Nate Mitchell, Head of Rift

This is just a peek into some feature prototypes we’ve been working on.
However, don’t expect to see all of these technologies in a product
anytime soon.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/8gjj2u/oculus_just_showed_off_a_new_rift_prototype_with/dycisg0/


The Rift already uses “curved” lenses. Fresnel lenses are a method of faking the curve without the extra space and weight of actual curved lenses.

Edit: oh, you mean the display, not the lenses. Maybe, though they’d need a very special custom display to do that, and now that they’ve made a competitor to Samsung Gear VR, I doubt their display deal with Samsung is in effect anymore. Admittedly, the Oculus Go does seem to have a custom display, so maybe they have a source of cheap custom displays.


Welcome to the corporate business world. Iterative baby steps in tech and planned obsolecence are the name of the game.

A 140 degree FOV could be a good compromise if the resolution of the displays are high enough. As long as the PPD stays the same or goes up, it could be interesting.

I do think that verifical displays (using actuators to tilt or move the display) is adding complexity that could cause longevity issues, but maybe thats the plan.

The good thing about this HMD potentially becoming a product after a feature prototype phase would be that it would incentivize companies like Varjo to compete in the consumer space with their fixed foveated display, as opposed to strictly enterprise customers.