Oculus showed off next-gen VR prototype, with 140 degree FOV


Competition is starting to heat up! …but Pimax is still ahead of the game. At the Facebook F8 developer’s conference, a prototype device Oculus called “Half Dome” was shown off in videos. It is roughly the same size as Oculus Rift, but it has new lenses which give it a 140 degree FOV, and sensors capable of hand tracking. A new feature, the prototype could electronically move the lenses in and out to adjust the focus based on where the user was looking.

Note that this isn’t coming out any time soon - they only had videos of it, no physical device on site; last time they did that was when they revealed their “Santa Cruz” inside-out-tracking mobile headset two years ago, which is probably coming out for consumers next year. And even when Half Dome does come out, Pimax 8k has it whipped for FOV (dunno about resolution, they didn’t mention any specs at all except FOV; probably depends on whatever display tech is available at the time of release)



Ah, didn’t see that, I figured the high FOV was directly to do with the 8K, so thought a topic would be here about it.


doesnt impress, its all or nothing…FOV needs to be human FOV…
given oculus and htc, it would cost 3x the price of pimax with lower specs