Oculus Star Wars Vader Immortal buttons fail on the Vive



Very excited to try the new Vader Immortal game released for the Rift, which is also the first Oculus game I’ve tried to run on Pimax. I got it to load, starts out great, but the buttons on my Vive controller start to become unresponsive within a minute or two (which is weird, as you’d think they’d either work or not work). I can activate switches on the spaceship with the trigger. The grip button works to interact with an object. I teleport or move with the trackpad briefly, then at a random point within moments, the buttons stop responding but the controllers track perfectly.

Any ideas? Any special button mapping or something I need to do? Should I try to pair my oculus controllers somehow to the Pimax? (assuming that’s even a thing)

Note: The other issue is the game says the play space is smaller than the recommended size. I’ve never setup my Oculus Rift on this computer beyond installing the software, so do I need to do that? I heard the boundary system doesn’t work on the Pimax either way.


This is an issue with this specific game, the current workaround is to use the “Revive” tool and run it from SteamVR with the game’s graphic settings set to “Low”. I wouldn’t be surprised if this problem was fixed in a future PiTool update since it’s going to be a very popular game for people to try.

For the playspace, that’s just a warning and doesn’t affect the game; it’s because (like you said) the Rift boundary system (Guardian) doesn’t work with Pimax, so the game thinks your play area is infinitely small.