Odyssey+ vs. Pimax Comparisons...Coming Up At MRTV


Well yeah, guess you already having an 4k which is good in terms of SDE, a Vive Pro which covers most scenarios in a reliable way and soon a 5k+? with much bigger FOV around the corner I guess the odyssey will not bring anything significantly new. And we already know since ages that if you blur the picture SDE gets better (like psvr) but at the costs of clarity. Some people don’t seem to mind that trade off, the psvr is quite popular but I don’t want a blur Cover up.
I’m so curious what you’ll have to say when you get your 5k+ since you have a different approaches to stuff that others which will be very refreshing.


Just as expected… :thinking:


Yeah me too. I received my 2080TI yesterday and decided to keep my old 1080 too and use it in my other PC, so I’ll have 2 VR setups at home, one with Pimax 5k and one with the Vive Pro, so I can directly compare them next to each other. At this point I expect similar/slightly better SDE for the Pimax 5k, better colours for the Vive Pro, of course much better Fov for the 5k, with some slight distortion at ‘normal’ fov mode. Most people seem to agree on that, so at this point I’m not expecting a big difference in my experience here, but we’ll see, end of next week. I’m pretty prone to VR sickness so I’m also really interested to experience how that differs from the Vive Pro.


Didn’t you sell your pledge so you could buy a starvr/xtal right hehe?


Sold my pledge cause it was in the 6xxx, figured I could always jump queue and buy a HMD if I figured that might be worth it, which I did. I’m also still interested in StarVR but god only knows when they’ll come up with a price, let alone start selling it. They said ‘soon’ in August and it’s almost half november now …


If you sometimes have issues with vr sickness I wonder, in my theory the refreshrate/fps plays a major role among others (in my case even in 2d gaming) whether you have noticed a difference between the p4k 60 and vive 90.

For sure a bigger FOV with the pimax 5k will also be something to get used to as what I’ve heard so far, but everyone seems to have managed it fast.


Cant help but wonder if deepoon plan to release a competing headset against pimax… They have been really quiet these days

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I had the E3 and loved the colors,it was a pretty good HMD, but I sold and kept mt P 4K


What exactly didnt you like about the odyssey+? Ergonomics or the screens?


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I think you already read it though but heres my mini review…I have the Odyssey +. I didnt experience the softness the roundtable was talking about, just really noticed the lower resolution, which makes the background look less clear than the Pimax 4K in games and videos. Also Im not sure why the roundtable was comparing it to the PSVR, you can clearly see the SDE in PSVR although the PSVR SDE for me is not too distracting probably because its RGB stripe.The SDE is completely gone on the Ody +, Samsung did a really good job hiding the SDE with their tech. However and a big however…The resolution is still the same as the older model Odyssey, Its 1440 X 1600 per eye, so keep that in mind. I CAN see the actual pixels but you really have to look hard and they DONT have that shitty pentile look to me, but Im sure they are pentile, The older model Ody has the pentile display and some say its really bad, I have to agree, The ody+ its the only HMD that I have found where the pixels are almost invisible and SDE is completely gone and I have really good eyes 20/15, and I have tried most all of them except for the XTAL, and Pimax 8k and 5K+. After reading most of the 5K+ and 8K reviews, I can tell you the Odyssey + will not have near the clear picture as the 5K+ and 8K nor the Pimax 4K as I own one . But I can tell you the Odyssey + should have better colors. Back to the odyssey+, also I found it a bit difficult to find the sweet spot for clear viewing. Once I got the sweet spot dialed in, I could get a good clear view straight ahead of me but my periferals had some chromatic aberration that was distracting to me some of the time. The god rays are still there just like the older model, pretty noticeable in light colored scenes. I didn’t experience any ghosting, if it was there it negligible. I am spoiled with the resolution of the Pimax 4K which is what I use. Some don’t like it for various reasons but it has a really clear picture compared to all the other HMD’s, and the best resolution out there except for the Pimax 5K+ and 8k, some say the SDE on the 5K+ and 8K is close to the same as the Pimax 4K since the 5K+ and 8K have bigger FOV. Also as most of us here that have the Pimax 4K know the Pimax 4K does have really bad ghosting and the colors and brightness are lacking. But for me SDE, glaring pixels break the VR immersion. I returned the Odyssey + mainly because of the low resolution. its really not what I was hoping for ):



Right… There’s so many different opinions on this headset. Personally I expect it to be an overall shit experience just like the OG Odyssey. Im just interested to try the screens. I’ll give it a go myself with a 2080ti. Its not like theres any better headsets available this year


I really don’t think the pimax 4K can be compared with most of the other headsets because there’s not a good tracking and controller solution. Sure, you can play sims ok with it, but what about the other 90% of vr games? You may also be disappointed with the 5K/8K if you were disappointed with the Odyssey’s resolution as they don’t have quite the pixel density per degree of FOV that the 4K has. I have the original Odyssey and the + on the way and the pimax is only slightly better in the resolution department. FOV is where it excels, it’s basically a slightly higher resolution and less SDE but across a much wider area. Oh, and compared to the PSVR, the pimax of course has much higher resolution but still not as good SDE.


Yep, thats why I bought it. I wanted to try the new anti-SDE tech, anyone that doesnt like SDE I would reccomend at least giving it a try.


Also when we do finally end up with a decent headset it would be nice to see the progression. The native 1200ppi screens Samsung were showing off would be perfect


Thanks for the reply, Yep no comparing Pimax 4K with PSVR. Im actually trying to get my Razer Hydra controllers I just purchased up and running with my P4K as I type. Theres definitly trade offs when it comes to all these Vr HMD’s. Damn I wish there was a holy grail of them all. Right now I just buy the latest and greatest until I find on I can live with…


Vive Tracking puck. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


True, but some of us will only play seated games. I don’t have space for room-scale VR and the only VR game I really care about is Elite Dangerous.

I was seriously considering getting the 4K and then the 8K Kickstarter came along, so I decided to wait. I certainly didn’t expect to be waiting this long, but I think it will be worth it.


Evertec, Do you think It would be possible to do this mod to fit the DAS? Problem solved



Just not interesting anymore, after all the better things we’ve seen already…

And Samsung still do not market it here in Europe, how stupid can be this ? Improve a product and keep it selling in the same few markets.

This shit just doesn’t interest no one anymore…