Oi Pimax, you should do something about this!



Found this whilst surfing the web:

Took a quick glance at the Q and A section and laughed out loud. Anyone interested in reading more can go here.

Sad thing is it seems official which means all the information within the Q and A section are all misleading. Good thing that people can’t purchase “the set” since it’s “discontinued” (hopefully not an omen)…


I don’t see the Q&A section. But I wouldn’t reccommend buying anything from Gearbest. The only thing there good for is to show how bad a company can be at customer support. They’ve had that pic of the 8k since the beginning of 2017 6 to 8 months before the kickstarter.


Here they are in full.

Personally I never used GearBest but it’s quite known all over the globe. Pimax ought to take the page down since it potentially confuse the heck out of potential customers.


Agreed & the Gearbest person answering doesn’t know what there talking about.

  • No special requirement; Normal pc will do.
  • Price seems low for a complete package.
  • When you use it don’t need to connect to computer.

Yeah pimax is best to have them take down the ad & forget they exist. Gearbest will charge you for delivery & if defective ie DOA will charge you to return it.

My first xp was decent bought the p4k off them.

2nd Xp ordered a 3dprinter. A week later they said they didn’t charge properly. After a run around asked them to cancel full order. They refunded the price of the printer. And said they couldn’t cancel the rest of the order as they split shipped it without consulting me. They charge me twice the amount in shipping fees than what that part of the order cost.

Any one who believes pimax support should give Gearbest a shot. Pimax while maybe atm rocky Gearbest will make pimax look like best in class customer support.

Even pimax had trouble with Gearbest during problem with pimax 4k /B1 mix up.