OLED comparison Questions


Probably some could help me out, especially those that already received their headset.

I am an audio/videophile guy. I am used to good monitors and never jumped on TN Panels.
I’m glad that now IPS Panels are far quicker than they used to be so they are a valid option for gaming as well nowadays. Before I compromised on an MVP Pannel which was sort of an in-between IPS and TN.

I hardcore tried the Oculus Go and I really hated it for not beeing OLED compared to Rift/Vive.
So I thought that there is nothing at least close to OLED.

Funnily I am on an iPhone XS (need it for work) and I have to say, yes the OLED looks better but honestly it is not that much better than the screens that Apple used before, actually pretty underwhelming in comparison since the screens before were already very nice.
That shows how strong other screens have become a valid alternative to OLED.

So one part of me is seriously afraid to have another “Oculus Go” experience (no, I could not get used to the bad display) with the 5k+ hoping for the BE to be tested.

The other part experienced that it does not necessarily be OLED to have a pleasant experience.

So those that have experiences with the devices I mentioned:

Is the Pimax more of an Oculus Go / Oculus Rift comparison in terms of colors and blacks or
more of an iphone8 / iphoneX(s) comparison?

Any thoughts appreciated


I think what’s best for you will depend on what you plan on doing with the HMD. I have an OLED TV with HDR and all of the shininess. But my TV in my bedroom is a VA LCD panel and frankly looks the same after 20m of watching. This is mainly because just about anything I can watch is mastered to be watchable on LCD TVs. There just isn’t that much super dark content because it’d look like shit on most folks TVs and piss them off. There’s some VR content that is mastered for dark environments because most VR HMDs out there use OLED panels. This content will not feel right (like playing a dark game with gamma cranked up is less scary). If VR horror is your thing, you should go OLED / 5KBE. But normal video games and all commercial video won’t be mastered to need OLED.

But if you plan on doing anything the requires you to read dynamic text (i.e. not text in menus that you stop reading after a while and just unconsciously acknowlege), you will be much better off with LCD panels. They won’t have the awesome contrast, but they will be much, much crisper.

</my $0.02>