On IPD settings


So for anyone who is looking for the ‘perfect’ IPD setting, this might be interesting. The headset’s FW is not processing each IPD setting differently. For example, whether you specify 50 or 51 doesn’t matter at all, it seems to be the same. I’m not 100% sure though but pretty sure :slight_smile: So if I’m correct then these are the different settings:


75 (max IPD).

So in short, between 60 and 75 every single step counts, but below 60 it doesn’t (so again, for example: IPD 57 is going to yield the same result as IPD 58 and IPD 59 setting).

I already had this idea (that changes below 60 doesn’t change that much) but there’s code in the firmware that I understand 95% and it uses this table to ‘calculate’ the used IPD in the software.

So 54 is effectively the lowest IPD you can use.


i notice a notable difference between ipd 59 and 57 not majour but its noticeable. if you use something like virtual desktop or big screen beta and try to read things say an ebook or a web page on those programs there is definitely a difference. (oh and if your a comic fan combining big screen beta with a digital comic is really cool and fun to read)



-6.5 for me… My RL IPD is 63.5 but on the 4k I use 57



Well let’s not mix the 4K into this


Well this was posted in the 4k section!


Lol, oops, my bad. You’re right