On/Off Led indicator: purple?



Does anyone know what this means?
The led indicator was GREEN (when hmd ready) untill yesterday.
From today is PURPLE:thinking:
Nothing has changed and I still have the last Pitool release and not the new beta


I thought it meant the ā€˜parallel projectionsā€™ option in pitool was turned on (needed for some games). Is the blue chevron on the front flashing also?


Purple is Parallel Projections on as @markd said.

Here is a link of interest.

There are other links in Pitool Downloads link in Banner


You right.
Iā€™ve decided to use it because when I move my head (left and right) Iā€™m noticing a kind of popping/flashing (hard to explain) in and out at the edges. Using the parallel projections the situation is much better. I have no idea how much more power is required but to me is useful. May be with the forthcoming Pitool updates will further improve.