One screen dimmer than the other after taking apart [Solved]


Hi everybody,

I’ve finally come to a problem which I can’t seem to solve by my self.
Yesterday I had to completely take apart my Pimax 4K, because there where particles on the very LCD Screen (not the inside of the lenses, not the polarizing lenses but the deep down LCD screen). To do I had to even remove the mainboard and the polarizing lenses. After reassembling everything an flashing the firmware, I noticed that the left screen was much darker than the right and the right screen showed some kind of vertical lines.
Maybe I reassembled the right polarizing lense in the wrong angle?
I’d apreciate any help.



I would recheck your shutter glass connections (dark lenses). & orientation.

Are the verticle lines really thin & evenly spaced?


The vertical lines are broad and unevenly spaced. Kinda the exact opposite from what you described. They’re also not hard lines, but more like vertical lines of different brightness. Since I only had to remove the right shutter glass, maybe it’s not the left side that’s to dark, but the right side is to bright.


Not sure. When you removed the right side was it left connected? Otherwise maybe backwards?


Ok, I fixed it. Your were right Heliosurge, it was the shutter lens connector. After carefully placing it back in place and reassembling the whole shabang, it worked again, this time even without the need to flash the firmware.
Thank you for your help


Your very welcome. Glad to hear its working. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: