One title to try out from Oculus Store (FREE)!



It’s a seating experience, tried it before using HTC Vive with ReVive, looked horrendous. Tried it this time around out of curiosity using Pimax 5K+ … Mind blown. Set your FOV to Large for the best experience.

Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you …

Jurassic World: Blue

The resolution, which I thought couldn’t be any better than Vive, turns out to be so much better, everything is clear and sharp. The highlight of the first part of the experience is seeing the volcano eruption… Incredible! Second part’s highlight is without a doubt the dino fight ending up with the T-Rex encounter.

It’s short and free but to my mind, it’s a great way to introduce VR experience to your family and friends before you tell them to walk the plank in Richie’s Plank Experience.


Agreed, I did a demo at the school l worked for, and had a lot of fun with the staff… During the start of the second scene ( fog ) I touched the person using the headset on the back of the neck and got a blood curdling scream :)… Was actually extremely funny cause there were about 20 staff waiting to have a go watching on the monitor… Only downside was the headset flying off… hahahaha