Only 1 Vive Tracker now pairs in Pitool 144 (and now in Pitool 132!)


I have the Valve Index Controllers and I had both Vive Trackers paired and working in version 132, but upon upgrading to 144, it will only pair 1 tracker. I tried the HMD unplug trick (which use to work in 132) but no longer does. I also tried NumeroInutile’s recommendation from a Reddit post before 144 came out ( to use the first two steps at, which allowed me to attempt the pairing in 144 (whereas this was not needed for me in 132). However, even after reboots and many pairings, version 144 seems to have a bug where it won’t allow 2 controllers and 2 trackers to pair at once. I did get 2 trackers to pair, but then it only allowed 1 controller.

This is a shame because in 132 it did not recognize my controllers as being Vive Index Controllers so it wouldn’t work in Skyrim and most other games. Is there a work-around in 132 to make the Index controllers work better? Or better, a way to get it to work in 144?

UPDATE: I uninstalled 144, deleted the old Pimax folders, installed Pitool 132, and still cannot get the trackers to pair even when I pair Vive controllers rather than Valve Index controllers. Does anyone have a solution??


Have you tried doing the workaround again? If you’ve done the workaround after the newest update you usually have to redo the workaround again after updating pitool.


By workaround, I assume you mean unplugging the HMD and pairing stuff that way. It doesn’t work. I’m going to try restoring a backup from before I installed v144.


FYI: I restored a backup of my computer from before I installed PiTool 144 and when I thought the trackers were working, but I still can’t get them to pair. More accurately, I can get the Vive controllers to pair, or I can get the vive trackers to pair, but I cannot get them to both stay paired at the same time. I’m not the only one experiencing this issue.