Only old software, firmware and graphics drivers. are working


I’ve tried almost all the combinations of old and newer piplay, firmware and graphics drivers. And every time i fail to get steamVR up and running. how ever 100xxx_1.0.0.248 firmware, 1.1.92 piplay and 17.6.2 radeon drivers do work. i’d like to use the features of the newer pipplay and update my graphics card drivers one-day. I’m also thinking about buy a nolo setup but i’m not shore if old pi-play is compatible.

pimax 4k SN: 10071173002042
graphics: card: r9 290x
graphics drivers: 17.6.2
cpu: 1300x
firmware: 100xxx_1.0.0.248
monitor: hdmi fhd


Try piplay It works best of the new. Pimax firmware 265 should work with both.


i did it doesnt work and somtimes crashes windows


Odd I was using the r9 390 with that with no problems. Save often the new amd driver is not always reliable.

@PM_Sean @Pimax-Support @xunshu might need to setup a skype with teamviewer session to see whats going on.

I have since upgraded to an Nvidia 1080ti. But might be able to jam the r9 390 in my older fx6300 rig (also have a fx8350 to stick in) but the 6300 peeformed well with my old 2x7950 cf setup on pimax.


Did you follow the guide here?


Ensure both old piplay 1.1.92 & k lite fully uninstalled.


i’ve done all those things.


Then something odd is going on with your setup. Hopefully support can setup a skype session


@kmonster please install latest piplay version:
(Before installation, please close all security and antivirus software)
For AMD graphic card, please install 17.12.1 or earlier version driver.
For firmware. please refresh 265,download here:
If you still have the problem, please contact me by and arrange the teamviewer session for you.


thanks for the reply i did what you asked, and now its working. i think it was the firmware thanks for the link. i cannot express how much time i have sinked into this.

pimax 4k SN: 10071173002042
graphics: card: r9 290x
graphics drivers: 17.12.1
cpu: 1300x
firmware: 100xxx_1.0.0.265
monitor: hdmi fhd