Only received one of 5 headsets



I have emailed Pimax support for long time ago but no reply, but I backed with a package of five headsets but only received one, where is the other four?

Hope someone from Pimax answer here since I’m not getting any response from emails.


@Dallas.Hao @mozi


at least you have one you can try and test out thats more than me and a few others


I really can’t see that your comment is relevant…

I could argue that my issue is bigger since I´m missing three more headsets than you but that is not the case, the case is they send me one without informing me that I’m only receiving one and not all five and then they do not answer any emails on the subject.


Make sure to flag the main man on point in these threads on your matter. Hope he can help you. He has been of great help to others including myself.

Cheers and hope it works out