Onward - scopes still not working

Usually, games either need the option “compatible with parallel projections” or not. There is no middle-thing here - except onward.

Although onward basically does not need the option, the 4x and 12x scopes only work if this option is enabled.

I have repeatedly pointed out in the onward discord, the thing is basically known and the devs have said that they’ll “look into it” … well, but unfortunately it is still not fixed in the new version 1.7.

Anyone who has an interest that this stupid thing is going to be fixed should therefore go to the onward discord and express their displeasure.


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Didn’t know that PP resolves scope issues.
I always played Onward without PP and to see the scope clearly, I have to align the center of the panel of my main eye with scopes, and that makes me turn my had ridiculously.

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