OpenXR - big step for Khronos - StarVR & Microsoft MR


There is some really big news coming from Siggraph.

The Khronos Group has achived a milestone in showing a new StarVR headset running next to a Microsoft MR based one on the OpenXR standard. The presentation is scheduled for 1pm today.

I hope this can be utilized by the Pimax HW as well. StarVR has clearly some lead here being ready with a demo of their hardware.
Ultimately it would be a good thing when all VR gear jumps ship to OpenXR some day, it would ease development and progress in new hardware being supported on an open platform.


Pimax joined the OpenXR initiative about the same week that Microsoft did, if memory serves, so they should be on the same page as far as adoption goes with the rest of the industry, which includes pretty much everyone that counts.
All players now singing the same song bodes well for a solid standard.


Any official comments on that one @xunshu ?


I checked the siggraph presentation.
Pimax is not a contributing member.
They explicitly state LeapMotion as the latest who joined and put em on that slide just two days ago

So Star vr one is awesome. What the hell just happened?

Actu n° 14 - on kickstarter .
03 November 2017

" As suggested by our awesome backers, we decide to join the OpenXR working group, so it will be much easier for developers and partners to access and integrate their work with Pimax headsets. "


I had made also many decisions but never made it happen :wink:
I just can’t find their logo on the complete slide as Khronos reps suggest.


You would have to ask Pimax why their logo isn’t on the slide.
Given they are running OpenVR (Steam/Valve) and are using Valve tracking, on Windows /Intel/AMD/Nvidia hardware they will need to implement any accepted standard that is decided on by the group just to function on the platform anyway.


Maybe they took a free ride with Valve or another partner without really contributing. The standard will be open for sure, they just can’t influence and develop for it while it’s under development. So they might run into problems later and implement it later into Piplay than all the members who have access to all unreleased specs. While things like Piplay ideally won’t be necessary anymore one day, but rather a kind of a headset driver only the OS and OXR API is facing.


On Phoronix there is some news regarding the developments around OpenXR.

I can see he might have picked up some bits from twitter



OpenXR got released on 18th of March as a provisional specification V0.90. All developers a welcome to provide comments and requests for version 1.0 to be released.

Only later the 2nd layer of OpenXR shall see the light of day providing an API for standardizing the drivers working with the vendors runtimes or might make those even unnecessary to some extend. Many well known players in VR are behind the development, however there was no statement from Valve or PimaxVR in the press release.

So I hope some more statements will follow…


Khronos Group has made the video of the talk public: