Order not Shipped



Is there someone from PIMAX on this forum?


Still no update ?
Can a posting on youtube about PIMAX and european customers’ orders help?


U P D A T E !!!

DPD UK has send a parcel planning delivery next week !!!

So awaiting next week again …



we are arranging your 2nd headset,
sorry for the mistake.


PIMAX 5K+ Headset RECIEVED !!!..

Now awaiting Offline_Pimax Base Station and Wireless Controllers


Congrats on receiving :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Hi there Sweviver, also enduring the same problem, wonder if you could help me out. Order 1022 made in October 26, 2018. Still no word from Pimax. Appreciate it!


Welcome to the pimax forums! Sorry to hear of your order & communication issue.

I have upgrades your user level by one. You can send Private/Direct messages. Click on @SweViver & select message.


Hi Felipe, please respond to the ticket and confirm your address (I replied you in DM).



Hey again Felipe, and thanks for the address confirmation. Your ticket has now been followed up and processed by the team :slight_smile: