Ordered pimax 4k with the tracker and handsets


Ordered it all but only received the headset.

@Pimax-Support @bacon @xunshu


Hi @ButtCannon, please send your order details and request to our mailbox: support@pimaxvr.com
We will check it for you. Have a nice day!


i didnt realise you could get a tracker and handsets for the 4k ?


Yeah, I’d like to know how I do it.

I would buy it without thinking twice. Otherwise, I’ll buy a Rift at the end of the year, and I will never think about getting a Pimax for the rest of my life.

I have defended this company a lot, but now I feel absolutely abandoned.


from what i have seen the pimax 4k will be compatible with the 8k tracking system but as of this point in time there is no dedicated tracking controllers and the OP has gotten confused about what he has paid for.

atm the nolo setup is an option.