Ordering Pimax 4k.....,


Check your serialnumber on the sticker on the bottom of your HMD. If it starts with 102 then you have a 1440p screen.


My Pimax came from Gearbest yesterday and it has the serial No.102.

Can I contact someone to get another headset?

Should I contact their sales department?


Yes contact there email here. Not sure email address.


I think this is really a good idea BTW. With a simple sticker the retailers could relable those 102 versions as “BE” and sell them accordingly. This would solve the whole problem, everybody would receive what they’ve paid for. Besides it’s a really cost effective way of solving the problem.

Pimax should also figure out a way to help customers who already bougth the 102 and want to have it replaced with what they’ve paid for (a 4k version).

@PIMAX-Support you guys need to realize that if you don’t do anything you will:

  1. Ruin your good name
  2. Lose trust in your company
  3. Create angry customers.

Sticking your head in the sand is really the worst you can do. This is a situation you guys need to solve.


Im one of them.

The website on Gearbest said it was 3840x2160.

I never heard of this headset having a QHD model.



It makes me angry though, since we found out already a week ago (Pimax themselves surely must have known longer since they’ve put a firmware for the 102 out 30 days ago, which is specifically written for a 1440p panel) and nothing has happened and new customers like @generic are now the victim. They could have solved the situation already.

What’s next, people who order the Pimax 8k will receive this ?


Honestly if I get to return the headset for the 4K version I will still support their kickstarter if I don’t get anything I’m going to be disappointed.

If it was on the website or the Gearbest website somewhere then I would say it’s an error on my part but they clearly stated.

This community seems pretty helpful, I really hope they get their act together otherwise we’ll be seeing the next-gen of this.


I posted a question on their FAQ page, they replied:

Hi, There are currently 2 versions of the Pimax 4k. The old versions have serialnumbers starting with ‘100’, the new versions have serials starting with ‘102’. The old version is using red letters on the carton box while the new version uses blue letters. Which version are you currently selling ?
Hello Sjef,

There is no difference between these two kind of serialnumbers.
We will ship these ‘two versions’ in random.
Thank you for your inquiry.

It seems Gearbest isn’t even aware of the situation themselves.


This is unreal -_-

I’ve contacted Gearbest and Pimax. Hoping for the best.


Not funny but LOL!


Can you please clarify, is 3840 x 2160P the 4K display.
I have a 102 version and I have been asking people on this forum today about the SDE because I couldn’t understand that when I use my HMD I could see quite bad SDE on elite dangerous where as others were saying how good the picture was yet I did not think it was much better than the oculus, the main reason I didn’t buy oculus was the SDE.

Could this be the reason I have not got a better resolution.
I am about to try some settings that industrial game me for version 1.1.92 to see if I can get a clearer picture.

I have asked pimax for new lenses as I have centre blur but they said send it back to GearBest which will cost me for the shipping ( which totally pisses me off when it’s a manufacturing fault going back to September 2016 ).

After seeing these posts I will try to get a refund for the total cost or take it up with PayPal, that is if it is right that 3840 x 2160 is the 4K version which I ordered.

Sorry for the rant I feel i have been conned


You are the same as me then. You see a SDE. If you have a gear VR it’s slightly better than your GearVR.

What you have is a OLED QHD Screen instead of an LCD 4K Screen.

I contacted Gearbest and Pimax. I want to get this returned and get a 4K headset.


Looks that way. I can only go on what u have seen on the test experience I have had with the vive/rift. I don’t have a gear.

This is my first headset and I have been soooo looking forward to playing elite dangerous with the quality that people was saying on there reviews. Then I got it last week fired it up and was soooo dissatisfied with the resolution but even worse was the blur in the centre of the lenses.
Now I find they’ve pulled my pants down and stuck it right too me buy giving me something I did not order.
They will want to charge you to send it back.


I’ll see how it goes.

Did you contact them?


Thanks. Now they would need a sticker for each 4k reference & a spec sticker or 2. But yeah much cheaper then a complete recall from vendors


Just emailing them both now.

The part that really bugs me is they want me to pay to ship it back when it’s their fault.

It adds to the cost of it and if the next one is faulty it will cost to go back again.

I’m struggling with whether I want to swap or just refund, I don’t have confidence in them .


Honestly, my guess is that they’ll do the same as they’ve been doing before about the issue: nothing. This company doesn’t seem to be interested in delivering quality. How can you expect a company that didnt even want to invest 10k usd in a top notch driver (which also would have helped them a lot with the 8k) to cough up money to work on exchanging/relabeling headsets ?

I highly doubt they even care. Just like that device that could enable true 4k for the Pimax, I highly doubt they’re even working on it.


This sort of thing needs to be on review sites where people like us could see these sort of issues and decide if they then want to take a chance. I know I wouldn’t if I knew there was a chance I was getting 2K instead of 4K. I would have looked at what else I could get, maybe with positional tracking


Im just a little mind boggled here why use QHD Panels when the main point of the Headset was the 4K display and if they are going to use QHD panels MAKE IT A DIFFERENT PRODUCT.


Absolutely, make it PIMAX 2K not PIMAX 4K