[Orders from Pimax Shop]


To customers who ordered Pimax headsets in the Pimax official store: If you have any question, please post your order number in the comments and we will follow up asap.



Order #5539 (2018-05-07) Still “processing”.
Any ideas about date of delivery?


Hi, I sent the tracking number and website about this order to your forum “Messages” (Top right corner), please check it, thanks.


Order #5831 (2018-05-23) still waiting on shipping info.


@mbmjr10 Hi, sorry for late reply. I found that you have cancelled that order as per order record in our Seller central then, please be advised.

By the way, If you are still interested in, please directly purchase it at our official Amazon store: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0739Z7W8G , you will enjoy more fast logistics and After-sales service that provided by Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon).:slight_smile:


order # 7007, getting error 3 while trying pay pal express checkout.


Have a “pending” 5K+ preorder and would like to pay but the Paypal button gives an error 3

Account = AirGar
Pending Order# = 6802

Tried to enter my card but that doesn’t work
Tried to use Alipay, downloaded app but that doesn’t work either.


Same as the others, I had a pending order for a 5K+ with hand motion that i couldn’t pay for because of the paypal error before the website went 404. While I don’t remember the exact order number, I would like to know whether you still have all those pending orders and we will be able to pay them once you have your site back up or whether we all will have to reorder. I really hope you still have all those orders and give us an opportunity to pay them before you open the floodgates on the website for new pre-orders again.



Can you plz cancel order P1485 and refund the amount?



Hi, i got P121725 as Ordernumber, i pre-orderd the headset realy early, is this huge order number correct?



Order P121974. Requesting status of the order. Thanks


You should contact them at:


Hi… I want to know the time of approximative shipping of the Order p122202 Ty very much


Hi, I ordered the 20/11/18 and I have the number P122081.
Can you tell us what these numbers correspond to?
Thank you


Hi, I made a mistake in my order…
Order no. P122758.
Should be trackpads for both R&L.
Not trackpad left, thumb stick right…
But I would like to order a second set of trackpads/ lighthouses with this order if possible to save on shipping…
Please contact me for clarification if needed…
Thank you.!!



I purchased a 5K+ with hand motion tracking. Order: P1426. Can you please update me on the status? Thanks!