Overview and impressions of Pimax 8K. VR 2.0 is already here. The wide FOV wins in all categories! (comparison with Lenovo Explorer / Samsung Odyssey, including through the lens) @Century



Yes, the potential of the 8K is definitely there, even more than any other headset.
It would be interesting for me to take a look at its panels, after all.
I hope that someone will post a photo already :roll_eyes:

But in general - yes, 8K at the moment gives the maximum in VR from all headsets, in my opinion.
My next step will be just moving to 8K-X when I have the opportunity.
I no longer need to look for something new, it pleases :slightly_smiling_face:


yeah and hopefully there will be better GPU’s next year to drive it and maybe with next gen panels :yum:


For those who are looking for what to play in the new Pimax without controllers, and not only!

I bought a Battlezone here the other day at a discount. The game was generally excellent for 8K :slightly_smiling_face:

Great shooter on futuristic cybertanks with all sorts of weapon upgrades, armor, customization of colors, signal / horn, etc., ornate, in one word :star_struck:
A nice mechanic firing from different guns, convenient to maneuver, accelerate.
There are online.

While playing only offline.
In the beginning there is an opportunity to choose from three tanks: light, medium and heavy.
There is a map with a bunch of locations on which you move. 1 location = 1 mission. The missions are quite interesting, and with waves of enemies, and with an attack on a generator, breaking something in there, and so on. Enemies are constantly appearing everyones, several types, for each its own approach, everything looks quite diverse, the gameplay is pleasant and interesting.

The dive is great with the Pimax 8K. Wide FOV here appears in all its glory, you notice the enemies from the side on time always. The graphics are very nice, for VR - the very thing (albeit simple in essence).
Optimization of the game at a good level, everything flies at high settings.
I recommend to try at least! (although in general I don’t play such games myself, but I liked it here)

Bought another such game.

Declared mouse-keyboard support. But for me it does not work, for some reason. The game starts, but I can not click anything … It looks good on the initial screen, in full “Big FOV”


Some games you need to click on game window to bring in focus.

WarRobotsVR is like that.


I tried WarRobotsVR, it’s a great experience :beers: Why so far they haven’t made a full-fledged game out of it, amazingly. I will show it to everyone.

I also found BallisticNG in my bins. It’s WipeOut in the flesh (like in the days of PS1)!

It works perfectly with 8K on maximum settings, I even set it up with my Fanatec CSL. (but it is more convenient to use the gamepad).
Oh yeah…:star_struck:


WarRobotsVR apparently had a kickstarter that didn’t workout. So demo might be all we see. There is a non vr WarRobots & Vox Machinae is decent.

I have BalisticNG but seemed to have too much warping. Is it fixed up?


This is a bit frustrating, it would have been a great VR game.

And Vox Machinae has been added to my bookmarks for a long time, I will definitely take it at a discount.

I’m fine with BallisticNG. At least in Pimfx 8K everything is fine, but I drove very little there, a couple of initial tracks + practice. I did not notice any problems …:roll_eyes: (Only high speed for me with unaccustomed :smiley: But everything is very smooth, 80FPS, BigFOV, The eye rejoices )
I didn’t even think about distortions, they didn’t bother me at all.


Cool primarily I think it’s in the menus.

I agree after posting it before some pointed out that looks to be all she wrote. :rage:


This game will make your asss blaze :grin:

It works perfectly and is very simple.
There are stunning effects of explosions. And that is all…
I played several times, scored 56 points maximum :beers:


Awesome will add this tonight. Looks fun n easy sorta.


Finally got rid of problems with extraneous headphones .“Pimax4K DAS ™:beers::sunglasses: :





My top-9 VR headsets today in terms of overall use (games and movies).:sunglasses:

  1. Pimax 8K / 5K + (resolution is worse than Reverb, but wide FOV pays for everything, just a terrific helmet for most games, except for simulators, in which resolution is a bit lacking, but you can play them with pleasure.).
  2. HP Reverb (2160x2160 by eye, the world’s best resolution and detail, best clarity, the most minimal SDE, ideal for simulators, movies, and generally in terms of clarity, it will win all without straining)
  3. Valve index (1440x1600 RGB, probably the most balanced headset today with a resolution of the Pimax 8K / 5K + level, but with a significantly lower FOV, although it exceeds all other helmets by about 20 degrees)
  4. Younger WMR headsets: Lenovo Explorer / Dell Visor / Acer / HP, etc. (1440x1440 RGB, the highest resolution quality before the HP Reverb, it has the highest definition. But the lenses are not the best, and this is the only nuance. Narrow Sweetspot FOV is probably a little below average. But it was in it that I was able to start playing simulators normally. Odyssey did not provide such quality, because there is less clarity the resolution due to Oled PenTile)
  5. Odyssey + (anti-SDE filter, good headset with the smallest SDE,but clarity is not improving.)
  6. Oculus Rift S (2560x1440 RGB in both eyes, finally WMR-tracking “inside out” finally brought to perfection in the Rift :grinning: )
  7. Odyssey / VivePro (1440x1600 per PenTile eye, 2 subpixels, and that says it all)
  8. Oculus Rift CV 1 (1080x1200 per eye, the best touch controllers :heart_eyes: Probably the best set of its generation …)
  9. HTC Vive (1080x1200. “Bricks in the eyes”:smiley: Real VR began with such headsets)


Rise of the Tomb Raider in Pimax 8K

Today I tried “Rise of the Tomb Raider” in Pimax 8K.
This game has a built-in SBS mode, and this is just something incredible :star_struck:
I used Virtual Desktop, PiTool 1.0, 64hz, SS = 50%, native resolution of the game 3440x1440 60FPS (according to my monitor), FOV in setting VD about 150-200 degrees , 7m, small curved about 30.
game settings “high”, “pure hair”, blur effects are disabled.

This game is incredible in 3D mode. It gives a real 3D, no worse than in native VR games, and maybe somewhere even better (only without tracking, of course).

I had a stable 60 FPS.

I was very impressed with 8K by this game, because It gives a wide overview with “large FOV”, without limiting the picture along the edges, and this is certainly a huge plus of headsets with a wide FOV.

Photo through the lens, looks like ROTTR in 8K in 3D:


Once I tried it in Lenovo Explorer, and it looked pretty good there too, but there were quite a few limitations due to the FOV.
In 8K, it reached a new level with a great overview.
I definitely want to try more of these games with native SBS-3D mode. It is a pity that there are not so many of them, but I definitely have enough until I get controllers from Pimax. There are very good games.


Cool stuff and makes going back to some older titles worthwhile.
VorpX also adds head tracking to Tomb Raider, unfortunately I have only found a german gameplay video, but it’s easy to get the idea. :blush:

Shadow of the Tomb Raider(not Rise, but VorpX supports both) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUGb1vNCpj8

Supposedly good sea legs required.


Yes, VorpX I have long wanted to try, a good thing for many non-VR games :+1:
(although the native SBS mode looks very cool, the 3D effects are awesome. I don’t know how 3D effects will feel with VorpX.)


You should get a great experience without VorpX, the only advantages would be head tracking, but adjusting the camera with the mouse isn’t much different.
VorpX is probably better able to adapt image resolution to each lens and keep it centered.

People enjoyed the Tomb Raider games on 3D screens, playing it on VD should be tons of fun.

I’ve got a few of the other SBS titles in my library: Max Payne 3, Crisis 2, Trine 1 & 2. Not feeling too adventurous at the moment but it’s cool to know that we have that option, thanks for sharing. :+1:


Yes, thanks, I will definitely try VorpX when the time comes :sunglasses:
It will be necessary to rummage too in library about SBS games.

By the way, I also tried Reshade + Depth3D.
With it, you can translate any game in SBS. (but there will not be strong 3D effects most likely. But nevertheless, this makes it possible to play any game in pseudo-3D in SBS / OU mode)


Sniper Elite 2 has 3d support.

Maybe if you can post a quick how to. Not home to experiment atm


The more we get out of our Pimaxes the better. :smile:
Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Hitman: Absolution are also listed but not as SBS :thinking:

Not bad titles to choose from.


I tried Demo Sniper Elite V2 on Steam. There support AMD HD3D, not suitable for Nvidia. Then I patched it quickly Reshade + Depth3D, and launched it in SBS mode.
And I will say that it works well. Looks great on 8K.
Amazing Depth3D driver does its job with any game :beers: :grinning: Moreover, there you can add additional effects in the form of Clarity, HDR and so on. There are a lot of them. But I only put SuperDepth3D and Clarity.
ROTTR native 3D-SBS looks a little better. But with Depth3D it looks good, I would say. Particularly impressive when the bullet flies close-ups, even captures the spirit.
I recommend to try Reshade + Depth3D for any game, the settings there are quite simple

Yes, and still it is necessary to limit the frequency of the game to the frequency of the monitor, because VD does not transmit more FPS and resolution than a monitor can. Riva Tuner (they are located with Afterburner) or Nvidia Inspector is well suited for this. Otherwise, the game can gobble up all the performance with extra frames.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has a built-in SBS mode, as far as I know. I have it in the library, I will definitely try it later. He also has great 3D, no worse than Lara Croft :+1: