Overview and impressions of Pimax 8K. VR 2.0 is already here. The wide FOV wins in all categories! (comparison with Lenovo Explorer / Samsung Odyssey, including through the lens) @Century



I’ve yet to try ReShade but the supported games list is impressive and we can also play titles that weren’t coded for stereo 3D!

Having revisited the wiki stereo 3D list, the only notable titles that offer SBS out of the box are:

Doom 3 BFG Edition
Trine 2
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Elite Dangerous

Anyone interested in the debate of what’s the best way to go with stereo 3D can find one of the discussions here:

I don’t feel smarter after reading it but at least many people are happy with ReShade. :wink:

There’s hope for getting nVidia 3D Vision to display SBS, but since nVidia has dropped it’s driver support we’d have to downgrade to 425.31. I’d guess that all Pimax features will still be functional because it’s a very recent release and comes with RTX support.


Getting SBS outuput requires some tweaking as mentioned here:


Another option would be to use a wrapper for nVidia 3D Vision, mentioned in the release video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qww9GIgajsk

I’d guess it’s already included in the 3D Fix Manager the author has also written:

Setting the resolution to 3840x1080 will also yield better image quality for SBS gaming.


Yes, there will still have to understand the setting, if you really start to use it seriously.
The fact is that even though I am able to quickly launch any game in SBS mode via reshade + Depth3D, the feeling of a defective 3D doesn’t leave me. As if the depth is not very felt.:roll_eyes:

And there obviously need to adjust the settings for the best effect.


By the way, quite a lot of games are compatible with Depth3D and Reshade.
Here is a list and settings for them:

In general, so far it has been possible to achieve quite acceptable 3D in Sniper Elite V2.
Here are my settings for it:


Strangely enough, but I managed to configure Tekken 7 in 3D SBS :sunglasses::laughing:


Next in line is Resident Evil 7, which was purchased on pre-order, but postponed to the shelf, since at that time I had already moved to VR.
I will write later when I try. It definitely has Reshade support in the Depth3d settings list.
And I definitely want to go through this game in Pimax 8K :sunglasses:


Really interesting. I actually use Reshade with Depth3D when a game is not suported by Vorpx or natively. There are actually some Dlls that let you use Reshade and Depth3D with SteamVR but it only worked with my Pimax 4K, my question guys, How do you apply reshade with Depth3D and make it works with Pimax 8K and SteamVR??? @Century @mojojojo


Yes, the thing is very interesting, but for some reason it does not always translate into real 3D. Sometimes it seems that the depth is not enough, and it is not clear why … (I remember another good 3D driver - Tridef. He moved well in 3D. But I don’t know if it works now.)

And the implementation is actually quite simple for any SteamVR headset. We just need any program for the desktop with SBS / OU mode. (Virtual Desktop, BigScreen, etc.)
At the same time, we don’t even need to adjust image distortions before serving into the headset, which is very convenient and simplifies use :beers: :sunglasses:

Yesterday I was tormented with the Depth3D settings for RE7 and for the new RE2:Biohazard.
There is some depth in RE7, but still some artifacts are present.
In RE2 (it is not on the Depth3D list), the figure of the hero looks voluminous on an oath background, but everything else is not quite in 3D. (but in general, I liked it, after all, it is an opportunity to go through a new RE2)


Unfortunately I haven’t tried it, I don’t like installing 3rd party software, all talk and no walk. But other people here have had success also.

Edit: maybe your meant SteamVR theater mode?

There’s a video of tweaking image separation with helixmod, it’s quite annoying to watch but interesting to get an idea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4w9jYCIzHo&t=167s


It looks interesting :+1:
Although there seems to be any such settings in Depth3D…

Today I tried the game from the list Depth3D. This is the “Darksiders Warmastered Edition”.
Together with Reshade + Depth3D, this game has found a real 3D with almost no settings! :star_struck:
I was surprised how she looks. It is really worth the attention.


Tired of using Reshade, I decided to buy VorpX a few days ago :sunglasses:

And now I can say that Vorpx is a great thing, I’ve already tried so many games there: Borderlands, RE7, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, Half Life2, FEAR, Crysis, Hard Reset and so on)

A great revelation for me was to find myself on the streets of the GTA V with a full sense of depth :star_struck:

Steep” is very good in Z3D mode. (be sure to turn off the MSAA). It’s very exciting to do different tricks there, the game is fascinating in Pimax 8K.
I’m surprised why the VR-mode hasn’t been released for her yet. It just asks for it. The game would have been a huge success if it had a native VR mode with support for controllers, I’m just sure. It is much better and more interesting than Fancy Skiing

For those who like fighting games. Who’d have thought of that, but Tekken 7 has a G3D (real geometric 3D). Looks so great in Vorpx that I left it for permanent use :beers: :+1: (I quit playing Tekken 7 with regret when I moved to VR as I quit many other “flat” games that now get a new life together with Vorpx, and it’s amazing).
MK X also works, but the shadows there have to be turned off.

Reshade + Depth 3D is also a good alternative solution for running a lot of flat games in helmet, in SBS stereo mode.
But with VorpX it’s getting easier + there’s geometric 3D in many games (I don’t know if G3D supports Reshade, probably not) + head tracking + no need to run additional programs like Virtual Desktop and so on

Vorpx is definitely worth its money. This is access to a huge library of 3D profiles for flat games, which is constantly updated and replenished. (By the way, Tekken 7 with Vorpx’s G3D looks much better than with Reshade in SBS mode. Natural 3D turns out)

G3D is a very demanding mode using DirectVR (if supported). But also the real 3D. Requires a lot of power. I haven’t been able to optimize RE7 on Pimax 8K yet (but you can play well)
Z3D is a 3D stereoscopic mode, but slightly different. As far as I understand, the depth buffer is used here. And it’s also very cool in many games (although it’s pseudo 3D as it were). Much less demanding.

In general, I’m very satisfied with VorpX and all its features.
I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to start playing all sorts of non-VR games, AAA hits, etc. in a new way with 3D in a VR helmet. It will be especially useful for those who do not have controllers at the moment. After all, VorpX does not even require 6DOF tracking, it is enough 3DOF from the headset and it works fine. I never turn on the LH base station when using VorpX, it’s not necessary there.

But you have to be ready to be patient for some adjustment to all the games for a better immersion :wink:
I mostly used Small or Normal FOV, with 16:9 resolution in the game. SteamVR SS = 50%, PiTool 1.0, 64-72hz. I don’t use SmartSmoothing. Somehow it doesn’t work correctly with Vorpx.
Basically I tried to follow Ralph’s recommendations: