P122426 pimax ! you sleep?



What are you doing? 3 weeks now you are really breaking arms !!!
I really have the balls, answers 2 days later each time! 1 day in Europe is 1 week in China or what?
Send me another brothel helmet … !!!
Guys we received without problems in Switzerland …
Damn if I will have known … demerder you with translator …
After you said on the forum that you will do a better follow up and faster delivery …? !!
My case is no longer urgent? Of course the package is part of your deposit so you have respect your commitment! But the commitment is that he is at home !!! Now I do not even know what condition I will find this box!
Send me another


i see you have now posted this same issue on 2 areas of the forum… please stick to 1 topic! creating multiple topics will just mean we close 1 down.

I will close this one but will leave it for you to access so you can copy any text from this one and post it in your other thread.



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