P122xxx pre order number



when do you plan to send the order with the number p122xxx?

what is an order number created by shopify ?
What does it correspond to ?



Website says pre orders start I believe on Feb 21. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


FALSE! IT IS WRITTEN IF Order today , Ship by 21st Feb., I order in November !!!


No you just repeated what said. So what’s false? You said Feb 21 just like the website says. So relax.

Oh I get it forgot to say ship. :laughing:


moreover, it is not for you that I ask the question!
do you call yourself dallas?


It posted on the pimaxvr site. No I am not Dallas.

Just showing you where the info is posted if one were to look. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


We are preparing preorder shipment


too early…? is quality under controll? …is everything ready for the normal consumer (pre-orders)? It is important to get it right to get more sales from word of mouth. If the quality increase, more people will recommend them to friends.


before serving all backers?


All 5k backere are done. Which means they can send the 5k to preorderers. If it the 8k well that a different story


Absolutely not, the story is the same. Production lines are the same, the shipping logistics is the same, resources dedicated to pre-orders are subtracted from 8K backers

In this situation Pimax should give us a very detailed truth, instead of these half-words waiting the CNY save them from the shame


All backers 5k are not recieved yet,i wouldn’t expect your preorder untill early march


Some of us have been waiting 15 months lol it will be a while before you get yours maybe early march


Dallas just said all 5k backers were fufilled. Case closed


You clearly didn’t observe the forums. The 8k panels wont come until after the festival holiday. They wont stop preorder for that :rofl:


Hahaha @Toba you are kidding yeah,what pimax say and what actually is meant are 2 different things lol i guarrantee you dont get it until end of February at the earliest


Its you @Toba that clearly has not been observing the forums delivery takes minimum 3 weeks and there not sent yet lol


You clearly didn’t observe the forums

Jan 25/2019
The production line produced 72 units of 8K, and the module line produced 175 units.
Jan 26/2019
The production line produced 185 units of 8K, and the module line produced 200 units.
Jan 27/2019
The production line produced 191 units of 8K, and the module line produced 249 units.
Jan 28/2019
The production line produced 94 units of 8K, and the module line produced 75 units.
Jan 29/2019
The production line produced 118 units of 8K, and the module line produced 0 units.

They NEVER said they lacked panels NOW. All these 8K headset must be sent to the backers before any pre-order, as promised


@Toba like i said delivery takes 3 weeks and none are sent yet .You believe what you want but i guarrantee you wont get till end of feb if your lucky.weve been dealing with pimax 15 months and more but you know best,goodluck


And if your not in first batch will be over 2 weeks after that as they shut for 2 weeks for cny