P122xxx pre order number



@Toba they havent even started producing pre order 5k’s yet as there finishing the backers 8k’s so scrap that youll get yours mid march


First batch ships tomorrow look at the official store page. Second they have over 2k of 5k sitting in the warehouse for preorders so again do your research.


Go to 1391

Look at warehouse stock


No there a thread for the 8k backers and dallas said it. Why would i make this up? He said switch to 5k and you will get it right away.


@Toba Lol your not getting it are you,pimax tell you what you want to know,the truth is they never tell the truth ,like i said there fullfilling 8k backers atm then they shut for 2 weeks i guarrantee you’ll be dissapointed.and stoll 3 weeks delivery on a boat and customs


That is a very strong possibility. But preorders are different from being a backer sadly. Again youre probably most likely right.


Mine arrived at uk warehouse 3 weeks ago according to dallas yet i still dont have now told i-10 days till it gets to uk @Toba


Actually they did say they had an issue with 8k panels. There was a quality issue with panels received that caused most of them to be rejected.


But the production lines in last 4 days have only built 8k so cant be much of a problem


The uk i really dont know what going on. Think all uk backers still didnt get them. Im in the US


We won’t know if that completes the 8k ks or not til we do(they did say possibility of 1 month wait on 8k). With 5k+ ks being shipped it is likely the 5k+ pre orders may ship.


They used the uk backers units to replace the eu faulty units @Toba


Yeah even if they do ship before cny @Heliosurge its still 3 weeks delvery


They didn’t say they were actually without panels. They said they’ve had problems in the past. It’s easy to guess that we are talking of time when they surprisingly presented the 5K+, replacing the headsets that they were not able to produce in the required quantities. According to the report they have produced 660 8K in the last 4 days. i think it means that now they have panels


It caused shortages. Yes they did have defective panels in stock. Only 8k seems to have resumed in last couple of days. But guess you missed the post about receiving new panels. Now your up-to-date (your welcome) :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


I have a different theory. There was never a real lack of 8K panels. 6 months ago they realized they couldn’t get enough of them, never, instead they can have as many 5k+ panels as they want. So they pushed, and still push, 5K+, to reduce the number of 8K. This also applies to pre-orders. In recent months they produced mainly 5K+ in the hope of persuading as many people as possible to switch, while stocking 8K panels. 8K panels will always be few in number.


it does not answer my question, What is an order number created by Shopify? does it correspond to the number of orders to pass or nothing to see ?? if this corresponds to the number of order, the number p122xxx will be delivered when the next years ?? if it is the case, there will be cancellations !!



Great more speculation without facts. You can speculate I drank Nescafe coffee this morning & you might be right or completely wrong. I might have drank Maxwell house or drank tea.

Next! :coffee::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


you can cancle the first number, i asked so many people which preorderd and everyone have the 1 in front, so i am pretty sure that the first number is a controll number or something like that, maybe to differentiate who will get the goodies and who not.


Months ago I speculated on the reasons for the 5K+, and I was completely right.

I don’t roll a dice, I just watch the clues carefully. Obviously I can be wrong.


I suspect you had something with h2o in it