P124342 cancel and refund



Anyway now the situation is only can refund you after receiving the returns,
kindly be patient,
apology again.


They just did the same to me. 9 members of my club were waiting to try my hmd before they took the plunge. They are no longer interested. Pimax just lost $10,000. They REALLY need to learn about customer service or they will go under.


From what i have experienced since now, with this kind of job handling, I doubt you will be able to pull it back before it becomes government property.

You said i will get my refund, if you fail to call it back in time, will you change that statement too as you changed “no one spoke to me…”?


You need to check with Aramax, i guess you have 13 more days left. Last time i checked you didn’t have any customs documents, so I suggest you to send them with express mail to speed things up, because you will need to pay customs wh costs for each day it stays there.

Let me know if you need my help, but i tried talking to aramax and they told me there is nothing i can do.

For now i am pulling back my issue to bank about fraud, if I don’t receive my full refund until end of next week i will open again.


https://forum.pimaxvr.com/uploads/default/original/2X/2/2171fb711e64b8bf8bdfe668a315f08b9b3a7bd0.png I rejected my headset before it came to my house the headset was sent back to pimax as per the tracking info I put on here that was sent to me by Dallas but I already had the tracking number anyway I have been fighting with pimax tooth and nail for my refund which is 918.00us since April 1 that’s when the headset returned to pimax I have been talking to so may people from pimax Dallas has not returned my messages in over 2 weeks moxi has not returned my message in over a week I just want my refund very frustrating poor communication.


I created a thread in general discussion no refund waiting for response supen-4127


service desk down, repair underway.


Today my order had been accepted and pimax sent me their first email to give a proper update on my order, i got my tracking no for the first time. It says two items are in the shipment, but actually there is one, still lying.


@DerekVVV Please answer my question;
If you fail to call back the shipment and it becomes government property, when will you refund me?



Sending a product without documentation so that Customs confiscates it is not the fault of the customer. I think you’ll find it’s standard practice in online retail that you take responsibility and fix the situation. Saying when we get the hmd back we will refund you is extremely poor behaviour. This whole situation was Pimax’s fault. He has no power to do anything to help. He tried.


That’s true, thanks for backing me up.


@DerekVVV @Dallas.Hao , tomorrow is the last day, don’t make me do this!


I called Aramax asked if you had contacted them, they checked and replied you haven’t contacted them, you still didn’t even send the customs clearance documents. Situation continues as I expected, you will fail to call it back in time.

@Dallas.Hao as I wrote to you in pm, this has become a personal issue as i take this as an insult, so i contacted my friend. This is the second time i ask for his help in 15 years, last time it was about some millions of $.


Still no documents…
When will you refund me?

@Dallas.Hao @DerekVVV @mozi


Got my refund finally, good luck with yours


Lucky you, i get ignored refund request.
Waiting waiting.



you have a ticket on service desk?
give me the number.


Persistence rather than luck, i sent my colleague to their office in Shanghai, looks like they transform from bully to pussy when face to face. I was even offered the set with controllers and trackers sent immediately for free by the manager, but that sounded too fishy considering he was the one blocking my refund on purpose (as i had been told) and general experience with their promises. Even if it was legit, I don’t eat the thing i spat on, i am angry with pimax so i will never buy their product even if they are the best/only option, only maybe if they change management vision and mission in the future, which happens with owner change in China usually.


Order P124699
As for ticket numbers pick one of the hundreds.



you opened several tickets,
one said you want to cancel your order and I have submitted it for you.
and the latest one 1. SUPEN-4544 is asking for quick delivery.