[P4HLP] Red Green Flashing



Download & follow Directions(contained in the file archive) link below:



  • Download Piplay v1.1.92 here

  • Uninstall Piplay reboot & install Piplay v1.1.92 (sj Firmware Tool doesn’t work with Latest Piplay)

  • Download the the hacked firmware by @sjefdeklerk , put it on the desktop

  • Download @sjefdeklerk version of the flashertool. https://mega.nz/#!2FJzmbgb!63TSx5pHftCAXNliTOjcj0lQb9jhba1cjRmXTe3g0L4 and decompress it on the desktop too, this is important to be done on the desktop or it does not work.

  • Then you have to close the Piplay and the processes associated with Pimax: (Piservice.exe, Piserverlauncher.exe, Pi_server.exe)

  • With the Pimax 4k connected by usb, you start the flashertool on the desktop and run it in “administrator mode” (right click, run as administrator) then press “Enter dfu mode” at that time you should see that the light changes to a kind of fixed yellow/blue light, that confirms that you are in dfu mode.

  • Press “FW flash” and the file browser opens, there you search for the firmware version you downloaded first in the desktop. (I’m not sure if it opens directly since I’m not on my pc now, in any case make sure both the firmware and the flashertool are both together on the desktop)

  • Once the flashing process ends you press “Return from flash”, if everything is correct, you should not see the flashing red / green lights anymore.

  • When you’re done, run uninstall Piplay v1.1.92 Reboot. Reinstall latest Piplay version.

  • It will update to the latest version of the firmware, since the hacked version is 248.

Summary by @VirtualWeality
Revised for For Piplay 2.07 by @pho3nix
Special Tools & original Fix by @sjefdeklerk

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