Padding letting light in



I just got my Pimax 4k delivered and before I have even installed the software, the first issue comes up.

The padding on my headset has compressed “slots” on both sides and since the material is not as soft as I thought, it’s obviously letting in light from both sides.

I have not seen anything like this on any picture of the P4K on the net - is this a new ehm … feature?

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That does look new. Support will need to answer this. How does the rest of the headset look?


Yea I have had 2 different headset foams from pimax and they are both different, neither looked like that, it appears it’s for glasses to fit through?

Best get support to provide you a solution


As far as I can see, the rest of the headset looks just like every other Pimax I have seen with the white logo. Serial no is a 100xxx if that makes a difference.


Recommend VRCover’s PU leather for Oculus or the Velour for Vive, they each fit well on my Pimax 4K.