Palmer Luckey tries out Pimax 8K!


Oculus VR Inc Founder Palmer Luckey demoed with us on September 29th!

Robin and Veni chatted with Palmer about creating an open and innovative phenomenon and hardware ecosystem in VR community, and we all believe the future of VR is promising!

We learnt a lot from the conversation. Palmer generously shared lots of insights in VR industry.

Palmer said the demo is better than he expected, and he wants Pimax 8K too!


Interview after he finished?


I was just watching a Palmer Luckey interview in japan and I was thinking Palmer should invest his money in Pimax!

Congratulations on meeting him @xunshu @PimaxVR I hope he gives you lots of support!


That’s awesome, is there an interview or anything anywhere?


…“better than he expected”… This doesn’t say much, it all depends on how low or how high his expectations were…


the demo with Palmer was in LA. There will be more demo in CEATEC Japan next week!


Looking forward to see your final display port 1.4 model :slight_smile:


He’s more of a politician than someone reliable to give a review.

@xunshu reviews from ceatec in english please.


As much as I wish I could attend CEATEC, my current job has me occupied next week (I live in Japan). However, if they get some reviews / video footage, I am more than willing to translate Japanese to English (add subs). Please let me know @xunshu


Still on the old prototype ? Or will the new prototype be ready before CEATEC ? If not, any idea when the new prototype is ready ?


This does not tell us anything.

Remember how Palmer got the Rift’s going:

Disassembling numerous HMD’s…

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