Parallel Projection vs No Parallel Projection (bubbleball list)


  1. On ward.
    pp - wrong stereoscopic (overlap) when you shooting, the grey will be at the middle of the eye and can’t see enemy.
    no pp - wrong rendering at the edge (wrong culling or image is appeared or disappeard).

Conclusion, have to use no pp while the game is not perfect because edge issue.

  1. Battlezone.
    pp - normal
    no pp - edge distion

  2. Fallout 4 vr.
    pp - blur jitter edge.
    no pp - There is shadow is rendered in left eye only.

  3. Seeking dawn
    pp - Chromatic aberration (rainbow) on Nvidia at game start and font, wrong stereoscopic, but little wrong and may you feel little blurry and can play. The long distance bg will look much blurry.
    no pp - All great.

p.s. my 1070 can run 10 fps on pp while 20 fps on pp, but game look smooth than I ever use odssey, can play and not feel. dizzy.

If you not try to change pp mode and think that it is normal, it can make eye stain to you.

  1. Fruit ninja
    pp - perfect
    no pp - wrong edge rendering (image appeared and disappeared when move in and move out).

I think a lot game don’t have much problem if you found that it has wrong stereoscopic, but some game such as Onward has much problem because you can found both issue in 2 mode.

  1. Titanic VR
    Both pp & no pp has issue about effect of purple color although use small or normal fov, may make people understand that this is light bleed of display.

@Dallas.Hao , @Sean.Huang

Edit : about edge rendering which be appeared/disappeared, I will test mask option before.
result : not work on 0.95

Issues Report (bubbleball)
[Resolved]Pavlov VR and others showing images WAY off
Rendering bug objects popping in/out peripheral vision

From @Hank review, his video show the issue of poping up the object.


yes, see 17:30 in the video


I add Titanic VR which has some effect look like light bleed and may make people to misunderstand.


You could add:
Arizona Sunshine: PP needed because of edge culling.
Beat Saber: PP needed because of lighting effects appearing only in one eye.
Pavlov: PP needed - Cross eyed
Robo Recall, Dreamdeck, All Google Stories: Cross eyed.