Pavlov VR not working properly on Pitool 111 or 112



I just installed Pitool 112 and I have the same problem with Pavlov VR as with version 111.
The game launches well but when it arrives on the main menu both displays are not aligned no matter what I try.
Please can someone help me?


You tried with the compatible with parallel projections option enabled?


As jankes said.

Try with “compatible with parallel projections” enabled. It’s under the BrainWarp tab/section in PiTool.

Also, remember You have to restart SteamVR when enabling/disabling this option.


Thank you
I tried parallel projections but I missed the fact that I should restart Steam VR.
I will try this tomorrow.


and if you select the beta from pavlov then you dont need parallel projections on,

and the beta is amazing and should soon go live…