Payment correction after Kickstarter closes


Hi @matthew.xu @bacon @xunshu

Important question

Do you have a system to make payment after kickstarter has finished?

Many people will not be adding the correct ammount to their pledge

For example if somone has pledged incorrect ammount for extra modules and shipping. How will they pay you extra money you might need after kickstarter has closed???

Do you have a system we can pay extra money with credit card?


Inclusion of Hand Tracking Unit

Yes, we have noticed this issue. I will discuss this issue with team in a few minutes. I believe there will be a solution.

Thank you


That would be great. Thx.


Also want this. Just in case, god forbid.


Is It possible to decrease now the pledge from early bird fullset 8K to early bird 8K headset solo? (Basically substract 300$ to the 749$ and not losing the early 50$ discount). Due to kickstarter configuration, I assume my only option is to pick the “pledge without reward” option, is that correct? I don´t feel confident with this solution.

Sorry I need response asap, thx.

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I assume this is not possible. Because all the single 8K headset solo’s are sold out. Imagine if they accommodated you then what would they do with all your sets extras? “controllers, base stations etc”


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Hi @Lynxai,
No, according to Kickstarter’s rule, you can’t subtract. I am sorry


Can you give us some indication of when the kickstarter charge goes through, so we can alert our banks ahead of time so fraud alerts dont block the charge erroneously?


Good point going to call mine now


Already called my bank:) Not missing this one haha


Lucky you, my “wonderful” bank only allows me to unlock my account for online purchases for 60 mins. Makes shopping at places like Amazon a nightmare, as they draw money when they feel like it. But Stripe as Kickstarter uses seems to work kinda fine, so hopes it goes well. Else I will have to keep unlocking it for a day or two hehe :sleeping:


I don’t know how good mine is. Only found out the first time i tried to spend $1000 online.

Wish me luck.

Kickstarter contact is likely able to tell you. Think there is a phone# as well.


Yeah, they can be a bit finky about spending that kind of money online. Fraud alert all the time :wink:

Best of luck to you!

Sadly no, tried to get a timeframe on the charge on another Kickstarter and they said they couldn’t help me. But everything went through that time, so I hope it does the same this time. Seems like my bank is a bit random about what they count as an online payment…


Kickstarter gives 7 days to resolve any payment issues during or after the campaign end?


Does the charge go through before or after the survey?


From my experience, the charge goes through after the Kickstarter finishes, and if you have any problems you have one week to correct them.

The survey is a separate thing that Pimax do themselves (or through some separate service e.g. BackerKit) to confirm what the backer have pledge for and options etc. It is not directly connected to the charge.


Awesome we have someone like yourself who has experience funding a ks.


Glad to be able to answer a few things after seeing a lot of the other community members, like you, helping out here, KS and reddit. Ohh and lets not forget the Pimax teams endless question answering on the KS Comments. Big thanks to all


I had a problem trying to pledge over 800usd with my debit card. I kept getting error messages saying the change wasn’t complete due to payment method. I ended up just sticking to my headset only pledge. Must have been a cap on somthing??