PC crashing when plugging Pimax. Where is the piplay config file?


Hello Comrades,

All was fine until…

Windows 10 crashing when I plug pimax vr usb after switching from pimax to video mode. Even if I restart the pc, if pimaxvr is plugged in, the pc will crash.

I uninstalled piplay and reinstalled, issue still there. So I was wondering if it stored a config file that wasn’t deleted/overwritten during reinstall. And if it would be possible to manually edit this config file.

Any other solution to get my pc to detec pimax without crashing is welcome.



Hi, after uninstalling Piplay, please also delete other Piplay files as below:
C:\Program file\Pimax

Finally try to connect the headset and check.

Working before update but now blank screen

Uninstalled everything but still the same problem



I have the same problem but i have solve it by reinstall the video drivers. Fist uninstall and remove the driver in windows driver map and then install .

Good luck!


Hi, did you solve the problem? I can’t connect my pimax :frowning: