What is the best choice to make for the PIMAX 5K+
but also more generically for best VR experience on the PC?
Ryzen 2700x (and above) or Intel I7 8700K / 9700K (and above)?
A bunch of people claim that there is no match.
INTEL wins hands-down.
AMD it’s just fine for the office applications and never for the VR especially where much power is required.
The above considering a GPU like the RTX 2080ti.
So, wich is the most suitable CPU for VR?


IIRC, there’s a bunch of bugs with AMD hardware and VR in general. But in general, AMD is the best for content creation and Intel is better for games. The 2700X is a fantastic chip and overall the best bang for most people’s bucks. But the 9900K and 9700K are better for gaming (but probably not noticeably better). I installed a 9700K in my rig last night because I already had a Z370 MB and I needed to upgrade from a 8700 (non-K variant) to get my memory to run at 3200MHz. Of note, the first 9700K had to be returned to Amazon because the chip was DOA.