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Reposted per request from @Heliosurge:

I cannot say definitively, but it looks like product (on the AMD side) is beginning to filter into the channel. If you check out nowinstock.net you will see that several vendors are now reporting that there IS stock available for purchase.

Granted that in my case the same card I purchased (from NewEgg) is selling at a 67% premium OVER what I paid for it in mid-Jan, but that is down from the %2320% it was selling for LAST WEEK (same card, vendor, etc.) It is just going to take a few weeks for the supply side and availability to force the prices back into line.

Edit - NowinStock Link: https://www.nowinstock.net/computers/videocards/nvidia/gtx1080ti/
On this site you can switch GPU manufacturers, as well as view several country-specific listings



It should be noted that many PC builders look only at the performance of the parts in question and wonder why they achieve sub-optimal results. Please be aware that HEAT is an ever present enemy. It bears mentioning that one must be aware of not only cooling (ie big flashy led encrusted fans that seem to be all the rage of late) but also consider where all that air will go. In my preferred build style (Small Form Factor PC) I try to remain cognizant of this fact at all times.

An example, in my current build I initially chose an AMD Vega64 card that used big flashy fans for cooling - big mistake. Every time I chose to crank my video up to 4K gaming (which was well within the specs) I got stutters, frame-tearing, and my whole pc temp would begin to spike up. A switch of the video card to an MSI Vega 56 (with blower style fan) and I am now getting PHENOMINAL performance playing Elite on 4K Ultra. Doing so also lowered the GPU/CPU temps drastically.

Just a thought to consider


If you have a Apple Mac then (shameless plug coming up) you might consider my app “Bookmark Reminder Pro” that will scan a web page for you and send you an alert when something changes. e.g. “IN STOCK”

Say you need a GPU and we all know they sell out within hours of being “in stock”. My app allows you to load that page, scan it, find the words “Out of stock” and remind you if the words “out of stock” changes to anything else.

You can set it to scan every minute, 15 minutes, hourly etc. I managed to nab a GTX 1070 Ti like this a few weeks back beating all the coin miners. And yes, this is true, I can upload a pic if you like :slight_smile: