Pi service prevents sleep and breaks gsync


Anybody else here have this issue?
Whenever the pimax service is running my gsync will just not work. The service is always running even if II haven’t launched pitool, so I need to manually go into task manager and stop it every time!
And my pc can’t be put to sleep because pi_server.exe keeps waking up my pc.

Maybe an older pimax version works?


Hi @emiljensen2,

i didn’t played much ‘Normal’ Games recently but mostly VR Games where G-Sync isn’t important. But, after testing with the NVidia Pendulum Demo, i can confirm that while the Pi Services are running - G-Sync is deactivated regardless what is defined in the NVidia Control Center.

I didn’t tested the Sleep Problem, though.


An Update. If i remove the power from the Pimax 5k+, even with running pi services g-sync works again. It might have nothing to do with the services at all, but the additional ‘displays’ the VR-Headset represents which arn’t g-sync compatible and therefore the nvidia driver stops g-sync itself.


A non compatible display shouldn’t stop gsync. I have 2 other monitors which doesn’t make gsync non functional.